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      Past crush

      Hi, I had this vivid dream about a past high school crush. In this dream, we are sitting down in a group of people, and she gives me the call me sign...I.e. phone to ear signal. I think she did this in response to one of her friends telling her I had a past crush on her. At this stage, in my dream I was reluctant to call, saying too much time has passed. Inside, I wanted to call her, but I was afraid it was a mean joke.

      Next scene, we are video chatting, and this girl is absolutely throwing herself at me,saying how she had feelings for me and even giving me a strip dance, in fact she was presenting reasons why I should be with her, I.e. hard worker, willing to compromise, fun, etc. In a courtroom like fashion. Near the end, after she was finished, she asked, "I've shown you how I feel, what are you going to do now?" During this whole process, I wanted to reciprocate the feelings, but didn't because I wasn't sure it wasn't an elaborate prank.

      In the real world, it has been over a year since I've seen her. We are both in college across the country, east coast and west. I've meet some girls in college, but none have given me that crush rush I got from her. I never had a chance to get to know her, and wish I did in high school. I still think about her, even today.

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      well, search in facebook for her! goodluck

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