Okay, so a couple of hours ago I had such a strange dream of a young woman who died from a sickness, literally stuck to my right hip. Throughout the dream, this dead woman (named Betsy) would not leave me alone. She would haunt me wherever I went.. To the point while I was asleep in bed, she would curl up next to me and hold on to me as if she was afraid of something. I remember in hopes of getting away from her, I told my brother to sleep next to me.. Omg, bad decision. I woke up to her biting my hands, attacking me, pissed as if I betrayed her or something. I also remember watching a special of her death on t.v.. It was weird. One day in the dream I was so fed up with being afraid. I remember pushing her face away from me yelling, "go to sleep and leave me alone!!" (random much??) but after that she left me alone only to return a short period of time later. Was I afraid? Hell yes, to the point I woke up nearly knocking my boyfriend off of the bed in fear. It sucks waking up in the dark after a bad dream.

Before the dream, me and my boyfriend got into a little argument. Ive been literally living over his house because he takes me to work, and sometimes it's stressful. Me and him are two both very dominant people, and that contributes to our spats.. Do you think this dream symbolizes anything?