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    Thread: rape dream, please help me understand

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      rape dream, please help me understand

      this starts funny, in the dream I was beeing asked to rub my friends tummys (my boyfriend, his brother and another guy who I dont remember who he was) in public. I didnt really wanted to do it but I did it. After that camed the nightmare:my boyfriends brother raped me. I was shoked and said no, and wanted to get away. After a strugle I released myself. But the dream continued as they were all planing to rape me. The brother was after me and he kept hiting on me, and he didnt care that I did not wanted that. I was criyng and begging him to let me go. He was just laughing and seemed to have fun, my boyfriend too.
      I felt...powerless, betrayed, unsafe
      What the hell does it mean?
      In real life I do have some problems with my boyfriend. And I'm not sure what to say about his brother, he's single, always around us, and even though he has parts that I like about him, I dont want him. Maybe at some point he was really nice with me, but I think and hope it wasn't more than that.
      Please help me understand.
      And sorry for my spelling.

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      I'm a man, and I also did have a rape dream about a close friend a few years ago. The relationship was getting a little strange in real life -- he wanted more from the relationship than I wanted. He wanted a sexual relationship, and I clearly did not. However, my life at the time was very unstable, and I still needed this guy just for a roof over my head. Also, a former friend of his was about to be released from jail. I had to get the hell away from him.

      My mind was raging with the unstable environment while I was asleep -- and I had the dream that I was getting raped by this guy. It's a sign that something isn't right. Like you said, you "do have some problems with (your) boyfriend." And his brother is obviously bugging the crap out of you, too. You need to get the hell away from this guy.

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      Next time you see his ass in the dream, beat him up. Only way to stop him from doing this 2nd time.

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      In waking life, you may be forced to do something, your gut tells you not to do. You also may not trust your boyfriend and his brother as much as you think.

      Rape is usually never about sex, but about power over the other person. Hope this helps.

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