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      Dreaming of Flying & something trying to stop me..?

      I'm very new to this so bear with me here.

      I had this dream last night about learning how to fly yet I've had similar dreams like this but not like this if you know what I mean.

      It started off with the usual training myself how to fly to then be totally in control & confiding in my new found ability to a girl I know as if I have known her for ever & can remember her from the dream now but not what she looked like, any way. I'm showing her how I can fly in the area where I grew up as a boy but don't live there now when I saw something in the distance burst threw the atmosphere where I grew a terrible feeling that something has found out I can do this & is about to come & try to stop me, I knew this almost like I could feel this beings feelings & what it was thinking.

      The next stage of the dream is the confrontation between myself & this being (who had black hair slicked back with a small goatee beard dressed very gentlemanly like all in black with a long black coat waistcoat white shirt & black tie) when he summons this creature which bursts into the girl (that I mentioned above) & begins to merge with her tearing her head off & her limbs just falling off before it falling to the floor only then to rise up almost looking like a big unformed worm to begin forming what it would then look like which was starting with its face was like bulbous eyes with large sharp teeth body almost reptilian. As it rose from the ground the limbs that had fallen from the girl re-attached to the creature which begins to chase me. Being able to fly I thought this would be no problem but the creature had the ability to vanish & teleport ahead of me but being agile I could evade it.

      Unfortunately this was the extent of my dream as I was woken by the phone & my wife telling me we had guests coming round any minute. So that's it, if anyone could or would like to try & decipher my dream I would be very grateful.

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