I just had a dream so vivid and memorable I just have know what it means. I went to the bathroom to poop, it seems that I have been holding it in for quite some time. There were two girls talking in the bathroom (one of them was a girl I went to highschool with, we were friendly with each other but were never close, the other girl I can't rememeber). They were talking about where to have lunch or dinner, something to that extent. So I went to the toilet and did my business. After I was done, while I was still sitted on the toilet, one of the girls told me that it was a good thing that I let it go now (or something in that vein). Which I then noticed that there was poop on the floor. So I picked it up and put it in the toilet to be flushed with the others. The two girls were not disgusted at all but they soon left after having decided where to eat. I asked them if they could leave the bathroom open since I still needed to clean up (apparently one of them was in-charge of the bathroom). When they left I kept seeing poop and picking it up and putting it in the toilet. When I noticed a pile of poop on the floor on the left side of the toilet, I then remember thinking that poop had already come out of me even before I reached the toilet. Eventually I was covered in poop and even had some in my mouth because I thought I could taste it. I had some on the sleeve of my jacket which I then took off to laundry. By this time I was just scrambling trying to get myself clean. All I wanted was to get all the poop off of me and get out of there. Then I woke up.
I looked up the meaning of poop in dreams and found out that it had something to do about anxiety over money/financial matters, which makes sense because I am actually going through some financial problems right now. I'd like to know more about the other aspects of my dream. I would love to get some insight. Thanks!