Three dream fragments from the same night.
In the first dream I was observing several people *canoeing*across the ocean from West to East. I think they may have been circumnavigating the globe.
We ended up on the shores of Europe, possibly England.
Then we decided to travel east to west.
How are we change our decision and decided to go south to north.
At this point I joined them, we were kayaking up the coast of California.
Heading for a bay in the Arctic.
There were serval killer whales in the water.
There was of corpse of*a large blue whale floating near us.
The whales were dying of pollution.
Several of the kayakers started to die of pollution also.
In the second dream I was caught in a cartoon world.
Populated by characters from the Simpsons and Flintstones.
Marge Simpson was trying to hide the body of an obese man that had died with an erection.
*Before the television*censors saw him and canceled the show.
I just realized there maybe some connection between the dead whale and the dead obese man?
In the last dream I was standing out in front of my house and an earthquake began.
The Entire roof of my house caved in.
What does it all mean?