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    Thread: Dream of a dog that has died?

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      Dream of a dog that has died?

      Hey all,

      About three months ago my dog, Dylan, unexpectedly passed away peacefully. He was only nine so it was a real shock, I felt such a love for him and his death hurt me and filled me with guilt because I was working very long hours at the time and couldn't give him as much attention and time as usual.

      In my dream I was lying in bed and I saw him above me, he looked younger and his eyes looked brighter. A golden aura circled him and I felt so happy that he had come to see me.

      I took him for a walk around some cow fields that I used to take him to years ago when we lived in a village, he was excited and was rushing around and sniffing at everything with his tail wagging. As I pulled him along I said "Dylan I have missed you so much!"

      I hope someone can help me interpret this dream, in my heart I hope it means he is okay wherever he is but I know that dreams do not always turn out to be as straightforward as they seem.

      Thanks in advance.

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      It was only a reassurance dream. The usual self healing dream.

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      Its rare, but we do get to visit loved ones, including pets, in dreams, after they die. I would say here's nothing to interpret, I'm so glad you got to visit with your beloved friend!
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