This may be a common one around here.

Except I am no longer attending school, and am graduated from high school and college.


I often feel in these dreams... A sense of panic, like I am missing out on something important. That, or it conflicts with my work schedule, and I am still panicking. It's like an overwhelming sense of dread.

I know that school is a huge chunk of our lives since kindergarten age, and its a ritual that is practiced pretty much every day till graduation,... And stepping away from that environment is a tad overwhelming psychologically,... But it's been a couple years since college was left behind. Why do I still have these dreams?

More recently, I had something different happen. In waking life, I have been hanging out with my buddy Brandon, who is my music partner in our electronic group. The amount of hanging out I have been doing with him and other friends has been easing my personal stress as of recent. Lastly, when I had another school dream last night, it felt different. Here's the dream;

DJing on School Grounds/Alternate World in my Backyard - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

Have you had school dreams before, Ones that were stressful or full of panic?