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      help with understanding my dream?

      I have been attempting lucid dreaming for the past few weeks, WILD after 4-6 hours sleep, but have not yet succeeded.

      Anyway, last night, I fell to sleep, and I was in a dream on my grandmas street, at the end of the street there is a stairway you walk up to reach the next street.

      I walked to the steps but at the top of the steps there was just a bright light, and I could hear people talking and partying. I could feel the peoples hapiness up there, and I thought to myself, what's this? Suddenly a women appeared and said that is heaven, I said to her do I have to go? She said no. I said if I don't go now, will I have another chance to go? She said yes and dissappeared.

      Anyway, that is the end of the dream. I don't think it was lucid, because I'm a silly person who would have walked up to talk to deceased relatives!

      I know there's plenty of expert dreamers on here, so could someone please help me with this?

      Thanks .

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      What kind of memories are associated with your grandma, with her yard, and with those stairs? At what point in your life did you visit there? Was anything special going on in your life at that time (good bad or otherwise)? Whether you want to answer in detail here or not, you should spend a good deal of time thinking about it - write about it in fact - writing your thoughts out helps you to make better sense of them.

      Have you been writing down your dreams recently? If so, read over them for the last few days and see if any patterns emerge - often when there's something important showing up in a dream it shows itself in various ways in different dreams for a few days. Be sure to record your dreams for the next few nights (at least) in as much detail as you can recall, as well as anything the dreams may make you think of from your past - times they remind you of etc. This probably relates to something you've been thinking about lately, some problem you've been wrestling with or something of that nature.
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      Hi, thanks for your reply.

      There is nothing special with the steps or my grandmas, I call there every so often when I'm in the area.

      Same with the steps, there is nothing special about them.

      However, I have started a DJ, and a few weeks back I dreamt of... This is weird I know.. But there was a black horse, it didn't have its front 2 legs, and was stood up walking on its back legs. It walked to the end and ran down the street.

      The weirdest thing is, my EX told me she could feel a presence in my grandmas house, I'm about as pshycic as the phone I'm typing this on. :L

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