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      in my head

      Its my first time trying this but I can't figure this out on my own. I have tried. I had a dream that involved my ex. I don't know why I left her and its been years. I still have very strong feelings for her but we don't talk. My dream started as I was walking towards a door with a friend. I know who it was but ccouldn't see their face. It seemed like a party was happening inside. We went into a bar and sat down. My friend disappears and same with all the others. My ex is there looking at me. She was wearing a red dress cleaning a mug. I remember saying can we talk. She said later. I sat there for what seemed like hours even in a dream. Just drinking and thinking. I was watching myself in third person. Then I saw her leave the building so I chased her out to the walk way. Out the building was white with a long porch and pillars across it. The walkway was slate. It was dusk and I couldn't tell if there were lights, fireflies or if it was fire in the air. Another girl came out behind me and called to me. She to was wearing a red dress but it was darker, like crimson. As I approached my ex she turned around and said since I was so patient we can talk. I do not remember quite what was said next but it said something about getting back together and the last words she spoke were "Because I was considering It". I woke up. I wish to know what it means please.

      Oh. Let it burn by Red was playing. It was very quiet. Almost impossible to hear but it was there.

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