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    Thread: Vivid, almost epic dream left me feeling strange and uneasy.

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      Vivid, almost epic dream left me feeling strange and uneasy.

      Okay, so let me start off by saying this dream had a very strange impact on me. I literally just woke up about 30 minutes ago and although I'm not prone to dwelling on my dreams very much, I couldn't ignore this one and signed up on this forum just to hear what others have to think.

      A little about me:

      I'm 28, live with my brother, have a 3 year long distance relationship with a loving girlfriend. I'm currently working towards getting into grad school and making plans to move my girlfriend to me. I have a loving and very supportive family. My mother is quite possibly the best one there is :]. My relationship with my step-father is somewhat distant. We've never really seen eye to eye, but I wouldn't say it's a hostile or negative relationship. I only recently, probably about 2-3 months ago, found out that he was my step-father and not my biological dad. I suspected as much for years, however. I've never met my real dad and I don't have any desire to. Uh what else can I tell you about me (btw I don't have a clue if any of this is relevant to the dream)... I suppose the most pressing matters on my mind these days are somewhat financial. I'm in a strange transitioning period in my life and I can feel it. I grew up Christian and for a time (when I was 13-15 years old) I was quite religious. However, I am not anymore. I don't dwell on religion too much, although my spirituality is something I do think about often. My family is still fairly religious although they definitely aren't bible thumpers or anything. I don't feel any pressure from them and they don't pressure me to believe their beliefs. Oh and I have a long history of lucid dreaming as well as a myriad of incredible dream experiences. I love my dreams... usually!

      Anyway... on to the dream (Feel free to ask me anything else!)

      What made this dream feel so strange was the fact that it was a lucid-dream-within-a-dream which I have never experienced before. Let me clarify: In my dream, my dreamself was sleeping/dreaming and he knew he was dreaming. In reality, I think I knew I was dreaming, but when I woke up I had that disorienting feeling of being somewhat surprised to realize that it was only a dream. However, in order to remember as much as I did and be as aware as I was I had to have been somewhat lucid. My dreamself was completely lucid, however, and in fact my dreamself was the one pushing the dream forward. The dream also took place from the first person perspective.

      I was laying in my bed in my house but the house was one I have never actually seen in reality, but in the dream I knew it was my home. My dreamself was laying in bed drifting in and out of sleep. My vision eventually faded completely to black as I fell asleep. As my dreamself starting dreaming he opened his eyes and instead of seeing the hallway leading away from his bedroom there was a tunnel that looked as if it was made from grey and white fluffy clouds. At the end of the tunnel was a cozy looking room made from fine looking dark, stained wood. A chair leaned up against the wall. My dreamself was confused to see the tunnel at first but then became lucid and realized he was just dreaming. There was something about the tunnel that simultaneously made him uneasy and curious. He wanted to explore the tunnel and reach the room, but was afraid.

      He blinked his eyes and the tunnel vanished as he awoke and his bedroom hallway once again filled his vision. My dreamself wanted to immediately go back to sleep and try to pick the dream back up and so he closed his eyes and tried to let himself drift back to sleep. Luckily, it worked and when he opened his eyes next the white-grey tunnel had returned. Still uneasy he simply lay in bed looking down into the room in the distance. Suddenly, a blue-white wispy orb appeared in the room and fluttered about for a moment before it coalesced into the form of a woman who looked to be in her 60's or so. She was carrying a violin. She sat down in the chair and looked directly at me. My dreamself was alarmed that she could see me and slightly creeped out. The woman brought up the violin and began to play while looking at me. My dreamself had a sudden realization that this woman had information and knowledge that he would never be able to have access to again. Slowly he got out of bed and cautiously crawled through the fluffy tunnel. When he emerged the woman stopped playing the violin and sat it down.

      I asked, "Who are you?"

      She replied, "I am the mother of everything unless you are a son of Abraham."

      My dreamself immediately caught the biblical reference but didn't understand.

      He blinked his eyes and again I was back in bed looking down my bedroom hallway. He desperately wanted to get back to sleep so he could question the woman further. He knew she had something important to tell him. Again he closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep. When he opened his eyes the tunnel had again returned but now it was flickering in and out of reality. He could see his hallway in between the flickers as if the dream couldn't fully restart. He quickly got up and walked down the tunnel/hallway, but when he got to the end the dream flickered from existence and my dreamself was standing at the end of the hallway. In his living room, my mother was sitting on the couch watching TV, she saw me standing there looking confused and asked if I was okay. My dreamself told her that he thinks he was sleepwalking. My mother laughed and told me to get some rest before turning back to watch TV. The dream shifted a bit and the living room changed. It was still my living room but outside of the windows I saw what looked like a port, but instead of boats there were many starships. A great many people were boarding the ships and I knew they were leaving for some place far away. I didn't know if they would return. I only sat and watched the people board for a short moment.

      Quickly my dreamself returned to his bed and tried to restart the dream once more. After drifting back to sleep the dream restarted and the tunnel was again in his vision. Not wasting anytime he walked down the tunnel to the room, but the woman was now in a cage and she looked very ill. She was glowing blue and fading from the dream. My dreamself grabbed the bars and whispered, "Mother!"

      The woman looked at me emotionless and said, "You cannot call me mother."

      I asked, "Why?"

      She said, "You come from a safe place. They will return for you."

      Her body began to flicker and I knew she would soon fade away. My dreamself asked, "Will I be afraid?"

      Before she could answer her body completely faded away.

      As this happened I actually woke up and found myself disoriented and uneasy. The entire experience was very strange. I said in the title of this post that the dream was "almost epic," I say almost because I did not wake up to overwhelmingly positive feelings. Everything else felt like an epic dream but when I woke up I just felt uneasy and slightly disturbed.

      Anyway... I'm interested to hear what others think! If you have any questions ask and I'll try to give you a good answer. :]

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      I am new also, I am sure an experienced member can offer much more insight than I, but I just wanted to say, sounding like a very mesmorizing dreams... The orb and flickering is how I saw my girlfriend and childhood friend during one experience where I could no longer see and used perception of energy for communication. That warm glow of confusion... Let it soak in and understand that our spirit does illuminate on spectrums our eyes have been trained not to read. Hope you find the answer that guides you to peace.

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      Only you can ask yourself whether or not you will be afraid. Only you can convince yourself anything, even if other may have guided you.
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      I am the mother of everything unless you are the son of Abraham. I believe you dreamed of God the Mother. In Christianity we believe mostly in God the Father, but many religions had a mother goddess, and some Christians have no problem seeing the motherly more feminine side of God either, but this is more unusual.

      I think this dream is a reflection of the importance of your mother to you, and perhaps mothers in general (?) as well.

      I think it is also significant that in this dream you see that important truth can be found in dreams. Dreams as a way to explore spirituality further.

      I think when the goddess mother says: "You cannot call me mother. You come from a safe place they will return for you." one possible interpretation is that you come from a Christian family who are a loving family, and having alternative religious beliefs, your family may persuade you back into the fold of having more traditional safe beliefs in spirituality that is more like what your family balieves? Although "they" is not defined, just that someone will come to return you back to the fold. It's kind of interesting that the dream character says that this is a return to safety, even though her telling you that you cannot decide whether to call her mother (goddess) seems to me to suggest that you do not have a choice in your own spirituality, which if true might not sound "safe" to you. Unless you think that being too adventurous in your spirituality is not safe, that exploring female spirituality is dangerous for you(?).

      The tunnel is often used as an image for transition into a dream.

      It is indeed fascinating that your dreamself was lucid but you may or may not have been. This may be interpretted as either a lucid dream or a non-lucid dream about lucid dreaming. The answer to that depends to some extent on how closely you identified with your dreamself. If you identified closely, I would say you were lucid in your dream while asleep in your dream, but drifted into non-lucid dreaming whenever you woke up with the false awakenings. That's just fascinating: lucid while asleep and non-lucid while awake. It kind of explores the concept of lucidity, and puts a new and interesting spin on it.

      That's all the thoughts about this dream that I have at this time. I will post again if I come up with anything else. Really interesting dream.

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