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      Question I'm a girl and I dreamt last that im kissing deeply with my boy classmate

      Last night I have a dream that I'm kissing deeply with my boy classmate.
      This boy classmate has a crush on me since in first year highschool and it's true.

      We are on my english teacher's classroom. It's very weird that inside the room there is a ride and I and my boy classmate rode on it. So when the ride is about to start, we're kissing in LIPS and I don't know why we did it. When the ride started, I looked at the people who is with us also riding and I saw them they are also kissing. I think it's tradition there in my dream that when you ride in that ride, you have to kiss your partner (opposite sex) and so we did. My boy classmate really wanted to kiss me so he kissed me in my neck but I refused because I'm afraid what will happen next. But in the end we kissed very deeply that I can feel our tongues but I was able to control myself because I know if I'll not stop I'm sure it will lead to sex.

      I dont know what does it mean. But when I woke up, I felt worried and at the same time happy (little bit)

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      First question first: What is your feeling towards him IRL?

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      I know this thread is quite old, but my opinion is that the cause of the dream is that the guy's thoughts about you have manifested into an energy form to make you experience that. Make no mistake: thoughts we have towards others do affect them in the spirit realm, positively or negatively. That's why harboring a thought of hatred at someone for too long can cause harm to come upon that person. Of course, these are one of the principles of the spiritual realm.

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