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      What on earth could this mean?

      I'm not sure if I just can't remember the connectors, or if these are all separate dreams I had, or if the dream just couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to do, but this is all I can remember:

      It started out that I was sitting in a theatre aboard a cruise ship with my cousin, mum, and dad. There was a magician on the stage, performing extremely impressive and convincing tricks. I felt distracted by something, though I'm not sure what. I think a lot of my attention was focused on the older couple sitting in front, although I have no idea who they were.
      I'm now zooming around a hall on a small contraption I found at a witchcraft shop that's meant to be a broom, although it looks a lot like a mobile phone. I don't lift far off the ground at all.
      Next thing, back in the theatre, the stage is empty, the lights are up and everyone's gone but me and my family. My mum has found that witches broom contraption, and is admiring it with my gran, who's appeared. I'm talking to my dad and cousin. I can't remember what we're talking about, but it seemed important. I then started taking a pentagram, wand, chalice and athame out of a paper bag.
      Now, I'm running through the trees and bushes by a lake with a stony shore. I'm barefoot, but the stones don't hurt. I catch up with a group of children, they were two young girls and a boy who looked about twelve (I'm sixteen). They ran along the stones by the water's edge beside me, complaining about the pain. They took off further up to the sandy part of the beach. I heard one of the girls shout "It's just like *Name beach I can't remember*" the boy replied, "Don't you mean *A different beach name I can't remember*"
      The kids ran up the beach to this enormous metal silo, and started running around it. I can't remember if I went in or not, but suddenly I'm in what looks like a museum, and my sister's looking for something with my mum. She finds a silo, just like the one earlier and says, "This one! And I'll call it Emrys!" My mum looked at her, frowning and said, "No, you can't call it that, because... You know..." She then glanced at me and nodded towards me. I replied, "I know already."
      Then I ended up in a lift with my mum and sister, and there was some tension, but I also felt a strange sense of fulfilment.

      What was going on in my mind?!

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      Relax, dreams are random, enjoy some irrationality.

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      I tried to think about what the dream could mean, but now my brain hurts. That is one weird dream, sounds really interesting though.
      I dream many dreams every night, but I remember just a few. I wonder what adventures I've had that are now forgotten?

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