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      I was in a school shooting.

      Hi, I was wondering if someone could interpret this for me, please? Usually by the time I wake up, I've forgotten my dreams. This one really freaked me out.

      What I remember begins with arriving to a college campus. One detail that stuck out about my dream-campus was how many big cobra statues that were around. At this point, the campus seemed like it was large and in a rural area, and there were a lot of people walking around in both directions. The person with me was talking about taking me to my dorm or something, but I was very focused on not liking the statues.

      The next part I remember happened on a campus bus. I think I was with one of my cousins? She tried to pay her fair in a really weird way, and then the bus driver talked to me about buying a pass that was $10 for three days. At this point, my cousin said that we could just walk from the dorms to class, and I realized we were in Virginia.

      Then I remember being in a classroom. It was very small, and I remember rows of silver tables in front of a traditional blackboard. Suddenly we knew there was a shooter. The professor closed the door and kept teaching? People were walking/running by, and the professor opened the door and went back to teaching. I remember feeling that the shooter was close. Someone walked by with a gun, but they closed our door from the outside and kept going.

      I can't remember if I heard shots at this point or just new, but I had to get out. Somehow there was a bathroom in the back of the classroom. I turned on the sink and opened windows -this was kind of weird because it looked more like a rustic house than a school at this point - and I slid out the window onto the roof. Then I peeked in and decided to jump off the roof into an alley. I ran to my right, and I was confused because everyone that passed me was running the opposite direction. At the end of the alley, I crossed the street. There was a big van type of cab there. I recognized my parents, but the other faces were blurred. I was relieved, like I think I started crying? As soon as I got into the cab, it pulled off...

      Then, I woke up.

      Someone help, please? I'm a 20 year old girl, if it matters. I am in college and I'm currently picking where I will be applying to as a transfer at the end of the semester.

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      Well, there was a school shooting at Virginia Tech in April 2007. Perhaps something reminded you of it? Are you considering applying to any school in Virginia or any school with Tech in the name?

      Also a shooting is a way to put an end to life, a chaotic way to relieve stress in an extreme way. This could be your mind's weird way of saying that you are in turmoil, and things are changing and part of your mind is worried about the changes, worried about the stress and perhaps something that you cannot control that is college related, worried about an extreme emotional reaction perhaps?

      Of course, I may also be quite wrong, and if this does not sound right, please disregard.
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      Hello and welcome to DV!

      From what you've told us on the last paragraph, there seems to be some pressure/anxiety in your real life concerning your college life. At first, you were walking around and not feeling very comfortable on the first campus. Then, you were moving to somewhere else on the bus. And finally, the shooter, being a threat to you and making you feel like you had to get out of there. Only you can say this, of course, but my opinion is that having to pick where you'll apply is stressing you out and making you feel pressured and uncomfortable.

      EDIT: Or what Joanna said, she's pretty good at this!

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