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      Strange dream. Who can help me to understand this?

      Hello everybody! I am really sorry if iím posting this in the wrong place. I am really new to this

      I need some help in order to understand a strange dream that i dreamt last night which is very difficult to me. I dream very often, but this here itís very tricky to me.

      So, hereís what happened:

      i dreamt that i was in a cliff just being held by my hands and at my left side was a black and huge gorilla with me, it was huge gorilla, twice or tree times as big as iím at least!

      So, we where moving on, just trying to reach a safer place so we could step our feet on, and suddenly we find a very small fire.

      And and the first, i thought it was a good thing, what happened next was that just very close to that fire a hole start opening from wall in front of us just by it self

      and some scorpions start coming out from there. Those scorpions were big, black and some of them had red scissors. What happened next was that those

      scorpions start trying to attack me but they wasn't able to do that because the huge gorilla just killed all of them with his free hand (while he was sustaining himself with the other hand)

      with a very strong will and with rage and some of them were even eaten alive by the gorila and some of them where threw to the fire.

      In the end, all of those scorpions were killed. After that we just kept our way and a few meters later in the end we were able to reach a safer place with no injuries.

      Can anybody help me to understand this?
      Thank you very much

      Best Regards,

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      past life regression?

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      Scorpions in a dream represent weak enemies. In real life, it seems that you know a person who is usually tough with people and you fear that he does not like you. It seems, however, that this same person loves you very much and defends you while you are absent. It may mean, for example, that this person defends you when people backbite you. The fire represents good news and indeed it represents safety. It is also a strong clue that reminds you that "not all that glitters is gold" but also the opposite, that is not everything that you take at face value as harmful is really harmful. It is the opposite.

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