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      Hanging Dead Man.

      Hey guys and gals!
      I'm a 21 year old male who is currently unemployed because of tiredness issues (glandular fever, over active thyroid and b12 deficient)
      Also I am a little bit depressed at the moment but I think that has more to do with me not being able to do anything more than anything else.
      So this is my first post here I'm kind of new but I was wondering if someone could PLEASE tell me what my dream meant?
      I was walking home with my two best friends, as we reached the road where one of them lived we said goodbye and my other friend I kept walking. We decided to take a shortcut though this house because we knew no one was currently living in it. The house was two stories high. We ended up going through what looked like a basement or Garage where we saw a dead man hanging on a noose. The room had nothing inside it except the dead man and us. The dead man looked to be an average 40 year old male, little bit tubby and was wearing a suit that was a bit scruffy. This man was not familiar to me at all, a complete stranger. It was dark inside this room because of the lack of windows. The Dead man didn't smell at all. I was a bit scared in a detached sort of way (as in I was both scared and not scared at the same time if that makes any sense?) but my friend was not. he merely walked up to it, touched it and said "hes dead". I woke up and did not want to go back to sleep because I felt I would dream about it again. I ended up falling asleep and in this dream I ended up living in this house with a bunch of people who were familiar but who I don't know in real life. My friend who found the dead body with me is one of my best friends who I am very close with. He doesn't know I am depressed yet because I think it should pass when i get more energy again.
      Can someone please interpret this dream for me.

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      I think in some ways this is very much a "depression" type dream because one of the symptoms of depression is that we think about death more.

      Walking on a path/road could symbolize your journey through life, the path you are on. It is a good sign I think that you are with friends a reminder that you are not alone/that you do not have to do it all alone.

      A house in dreams often represents the dreamer's mind. An abandoned house where no one lives in may be an indication of a mind where not enough life activity is taking place.

      The hanged man I think is you at an older age. You do not recognize yourself because you change into a stranger. This dream may be a warning from your subconscious that you cannot continue down the path you are currently on, and your mind cannot be as abandoned, or else it will not end well for you. The actual death is an exaggeration, it does not necessarily mean death literally (although as I mentioned thinking of death is common in depression) but it could just symbolize a bad ending, bad consequences.

      Detachment is also a depression symptom in that when depressed one cares about fewer things that one ought to care about. However, you are a bit scared but your friend is not because this is about you not about your friend.
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