I discovered your society just now by looking for a dream interpretation. Now i might stay for a while because i'm interested in lucid dreaming in general.

So here's what i remember from my dream:

I was talking to a beautiful woman who, at first, was in a sitting position. I couldn't distinguish any details about her clothing but she had golden eyes and partly golden hair. Her eyes were the biggest detail of the dream. They were opened wide and had golden iris. She also had a golden eradiation, aureola (this is what google translate provided me with ^^). I couldn't hear or i cant remember what we were talking about, only that it was a friendly conversation, even a flirt. Suddenly we were really close and we were whispering to each other but she talked more - in most cases i was the listener. She told me her name - Adelina. I felt really mesmerized by her beauty but i didn't feel like she was taking advantage of me, though it came up to my mind in the dream. Suddenly i felt joyful and i was trying to think of a sentence to give her a compliment. But then my roommate woke me up. (I wake up really easily)

Despite the description i gave to you, i didn't think she was a goddess or an angel while dreaming. But as you know after you wake up your imagination is set loose. It really isn't much of a big deal but i'd like to get an interpretation of the key symbols.

Yesterday i had a few drinks with a friend who is a medical student, whose knowledge about medicine i trust. When i told him about the dream he interpreted it medically, as you would expect:

"If you have dreamt something in golden colour this means that you have a high level of copper in your body, which can be connected to your way of nutrition."

Well i'm a student myself and as you know students don't have a very good diet. So i believe he is right. But this wasn't the interpretation i was looking for. The fact that it wasn't just a golden colour that i dreamt of, but a beautiful woman with golden eyes makes me very, very curious about its meaning. It is the first time i feel so hooked up on a dream. I remember my dreams once or twice a week, but i have never searched for a meaning. They are kind of ordinary or common, compared to this one. My recent internet search is telling me that this dream isn't like the others i have had. Because i find interpretations of other dreams, but not of this one.

I also have a question. It maybe comes from my hangover from last night but:
Is there a way that i could, i don't know, induce a new dream with this woman?

Thank you for your time.
Your future fan Amdor.