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    Thread: Can someone please interpret my dream... My boyfriend turned into a "god" and left me...?

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      Can someone please interpret my dream... My boyfriend turned into a "god" and left me...?

      (We're in a long distance relationship by the way, but have been together in real life)
      Also please excuse all of my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The minute I woke up I started typing everything out as fast as I could, because I didn't want to forget anything.

      I had a really weird dream... A lot of things happen but the thing that struck me the most was the last scene of it all... Shane (my boyfriend) and I were at somewhat of a church/concert thing filled with so many people... My family was there as well... A lot of stuff happened but I'll just skip to the important part... (sorry I started talking in 2nd person. This was meant to be typed to Shane) You and I both didn't believe in god... I remember there were people from my school at that church.. And I had a blue backpack but there were so many on the floor, I couldn't seem to find mine. and you went out looking for it, circling the perimeter of the giant church which was no longer playing concert music. but the second you left, I found my own backpack. And I started packing all of my things, and I was trying to look for you but it was so dark... But I saw a glimpse of a man who was tall, and I ran calling shane but there was no answer. I kept running and I bumped smack dab into you. And I hugged you and whispered "Shane" and you smiled and hugged me in the darkness.. But I couldn't see you.. I remember holding you, and you holding me but I could see right through your body, as if it were invisible.. And it confused me because I knew you were there.. and you were walking still holding me until we got our seats. And all of a sudden.. These weird public telephones.. With different colors red, blue, green.. etc. in rows appeared.

      And they said you can talk to a strangers in this church using these phones, and you and I were both in front of two orange/red phones. And you told me to stay with you, but I was so anxious because everyone in the church was looking at us, and others volunteered to go up there as well. So I left you alone, but you stayed there.. Eventually I snuck back and went in the seat closest to you, which was still quite a bit far.. so I could tell you how much I love you and that I was sorry, and you can have the comfort of me being there the entire time... But after the whole telephoning a stranger piece was done I got a bit distracted... And the whole platform changed.. And suddenly there was a giant angel... And I was staring at her. and she grabbed you.. And I was confused, and for some reason I looked else where. But when I turned back I saw her kissing you. And I was so close... I could see your eyes were open. and after she broke up the kiss your eyes continued dilating, in surprise.. And I was just staring at you..

      My heart being ripped to pieces and she was looking right into your eyes... And she asked you.. "Now that I have kissed you, Shane do you love me...? If you answer yes you will sprout wings and will be eternally with me forever..." then she said carefully to him.. "But if you say no, I will be eternally damned in hell and live the rest of my life there as a fallen angel forever." I kept staring at Shane... In my heart I wanted him to say no.. He was going to leave me for her... Is she even a real angel....? My heart was beating so fast, I was so close to him and yet so far.. He wasn't even looking at me... And I remember the lights were dark on my face, perhaps I could only see him. I saw him hesitate for a moment thinking.. Then he sort of enthusiastically said "YES!" ...

      And she stared at you with a smile upon her face and suddenly there was a flash of light and you sprouted wings, and grew a beard.. You looked completely different. And you were walking around the church wearing all white robes, and started talking to all of us. And then you said that girl sitting on the farthest right corner must be completely heart broken and tears right about now.. Because that girl, was my girlfriend. And the camera of the church zoomed in on me, but I was so dark no one could really see what I looked like. Everyone in my class was pointing out how empty and sad my eyes looked. And another said that I was never happy until I had met Shane, and that he was the first one who ever tried to talk to me. But other people in the crowd were shouting that it wasn't true.. and I was just confused..

      I saw Shane the.. "god" walking around I wasn't sure if he could actually see me. So I switched seats so I was in the bright light, and people were staring because they could get a good glimpse of my face now, and kept pointing out how empty and defeated I looked. And all of a sudden Shane was walking by to the dark seat in the corner I was once in, but I was no longer there... I wanted to call his name, but I was too scared.. Part of me felt so betrayed.. But all of a sudden.. He turned.. giant.. and he was flying.. and he picked me up.. and I was starring right into his eyes.. And he told me that this was the only choice he could make. He couldn't eternally damn that angel forever, and it hurt him so much to do this to me. He said this was the most saintly thing he could of ever done, to give up the girl he loved with all of his being to save an angel he did not know. When he spoke those words I was honestly, breathtaken... And I couldn't help but to forgive him for everything he did.. Even though I felt so dead inside it's like he filled me with something else, that I can't explain. And that's when I woke up..

      What's strange is after I woke up I typed all of this, and Shane messaged me and told me he actually had a dream last night that was somewhat similar...

      [10:04:19 AM] Him: It's funny... I had a dream last night to...

      [10:04:29 AM] Me: Tell me ;xx

      [10:05:19 AM] Him: Well I went to middle school with this girl Alyssa. And she was in my dream, at house and long story short she really liked me. She never liked me irl btw.

      [10:05:49 AM] Me: any details..? >.<

      [10:05:54 AM] Him: And she threw herself on me and started kissing me a lot. And I remember trying to push her off but she felt glued to me. And after she stopped I just kept thinking of how Melissa will never forgive me ;-; I didn't want to kiss her ;-; And then I hated myself :/

      [10:25:27 AM] Me: so uhm.. did anything else happen in yours.. Where'd she go after she kissed you?

      [10:25:56 AM] Him: I remember going to the bathroom right after. And my eyes were plain white. But I could still see. And I woke up soon after that
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      Wow. He sounds like he has a good spirit. It also sounds like you both have true love. It seems as though something is on the horizon, or already beginning, that may be in the larger interest of humankind. Perhaps, you both could enjoy the adventure...?
      From the darkness, a beauty arises; a mystery, seeking the light~

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