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      Running away from white rats in a dream


      Today I had this weird dream of rats. I remember there were some rats coming out of this pipe like thing, they were white. I was joking about it (not sure if this did happen, but something similar) with my house-mates. Then they went off the picture completely (the flat-mates) and the rats where just walking around like on a table, I think at this point just few 1 or 2. I was felling quite disturbed by them, and I had this wood spoon in my hand. I had this felling "I could just kill them" (hit them with the spoon) but could not for some reason, felling emotions. Then, they started to come out more and more of the same place (pipe like thing, but it was not dirty, very wide and indoors, in a clean environment) and were on the ground. They were very close to my naked feet, trying to bite them and that forced me out of the room (at which point I saw many, many of them coming out of the pipe and decided I need to run) and I started to run away from them. I got out of the room, half way in a small in-between rooms hallway and forced myself to wake up and was quite sweaty, felling like after a bad dream.

      All the rats were white.

      Sorry if this is written messy.

      A little info on me-

      21 years old, recently (3 weeks ago) moved to a new county to work manual labor jobs for income and work on my entrepreneurial ambitions. The day before this night, I did a lot of stuff to get a better office type job, had one person advise me on finding work.

      What does this weird dream means? First time that I remember where I dream about white rats.

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      Probably has 0 relevance to your waking life. Just an odd dream. Idk maybe your room is messy and you're afraid of a rat infestation lol, you've been too watching animal planet, or you want a pet rat?

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      Good Afternoon,

      You are the focus of the dream. It was in your flat therefore this means the dream is about a personal situation in your life. Your flat mates come and go, which means this is a situation which they cannot help you with.
      Rats represent an unclean invader but white represents righteousness and holiness. Therefore these rats are people who are coming after you disguised as friends but are actually enemies. Because there were only a couple of them to start with and they were on a table, this tells us that the actions of just one or two of these people will multiply and influence many to rise up against you.
      They were trying to bite your naked feet - when feet are negatively being attacked it shows you are not prepared for something, easily offended by people and are vulnerable to negative influences. The pipe represents something being directed and steered in your direction. When we run away it means there are enemies coming against us.

      This dream is a warning for you to prepare yourself against those who may seem friendly but are looking to influence others and rise up against you. It could be from people who are your friends or it could be people who might backstab you at work to climb the ladder.

      Let me know if any of that resonates with you.

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