It was an class reunion from high school, but I wasnt me, I was an old man white white long beautiful hair down to my chest and an all white suit, all very beuaitul. I felt like I was very wise and didnt fit in with all the other ones. I was lonley but everyone else was having fun. I walked towards some trees and busches. Inside, away from everything else, i found an old beautiful woman, in a white pretty dress and white long hair. she had put a blanket on the ground which was barely big enough for both of us but she invited me to sit down. i felt like i really cared about this lady but i was shy too, but as soon as i sat down people from my class started to show up and annoy us which made me angry because I wanted time alone with her.

this is the first part of the dream.

the second part of the dream, I was at the same class reunion but I was just me. We were about to play hide and seek so I run off. I found the largest tree i have ever seen, it was very hundreds of meter around and just as tall. I climbed up a few meters where i found a guy from my class, which i didnt quite like when i was in school. he asked how my trip to australia was (which im currently on) and i started telling him about all the fun i did on my trip. but then i realised we were playing hide and seek so i continued. i climbed down, and now it was winter, not summer like it was before i climbed up the tree. i carefully got over the creek of thin ice and pulled myself up to the other side. there was thick of vegetation and i struggled to get through. there, i saw a massive grey bulding. some other girls from my class found it too (i didnt like the girls either but i was happy i wasnt alone), i was scared but we went inside. I was scared of ghosts, since the place clearly was abandoned. inside we realised it was a massive shoppingcenter. I looked to my right and i saw an white owl staring back at me. after ca 10 seconds of eye contact the owl tried to fly away in panic, like we scared him with our pressence but he couldnt fly anywhere. we continued to walk and there was still products and sale signs up. I saw some glasses and plates (which im collecting irl) and decided to take them with me. This place was masssive and i got sad thinking about how much this place must have destroyed the nature and killed animals getting build and now no one is using it. we arrived at a hall where we had to turn either left or right, and we turned left. at this point i was really anxious, there was something about going deeper into the mall that made me scared. fair enough, as i looked to my left again i saw very fancy bathroom, and inside there was a lady cleaning, slowly. she didnt even look at us and i realised she was a ghost. then i woke up.

I am a 21 year old swedish girl, currently backpacking in australia. Im missing my family, especially now. my grandma back home is going blind and my best friend, which is a horse who ive had since i was 9, is injured. the guy im seeing sometimes make me feel like im not good enough, and im working as a bartender which i feel doesnt really suit me at all. i guess thats my situiaton! oh and when i was in high school i was very left out, didnt have any friends and a few people were really mean and bullying me. although i dont really think about that stuff anymore, it made me stronger then most people.

I dont really know what this dream means, but somehow i cant stop thinking about it. I mean, nothing in particular happened, but i feel like it was important. In particular i feel the owl and the old man and lady is important.