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      Lightbulb Reoccurring dream that feel real and of feeling trapped with a evil presents.

      I've woke up at 2am in the morning from a dream that felt so real. I usually have a reoccurring dream about waking up in my bed in my room everything is dark (night time) and I can sense an evil dark presents emotionally. I try to get out of my bed but I end up falling out of it like I have no legs to support me, I suddenly start floating around the room like a out of body spirit feeling and I'm trying to get back in my bed and urge myself wake up but something is pulling me about and taunting with my emotion's me not to wake up and I feel really emotionally petrified and panicy. I can't shout out even if I tried it just feels like I don't have a voice so its like I'm shouting out with emotion 'Help'. I eventually do force myself wake up but my eyes feel heavy and I feel like I sink back in to it.

      Has anyone had the same experience what could this dream mean?

      Anyone's input would be very great full

      Thank you.
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      That sounds pretty normal, actually. A lot of times when people have OBEs, they report fiendish presences in the room with them. Just know that they cannot hurt you; often simply generating positive energy (such as loving kindness or loving acceptance) will be enough to make manifestations like this either go away or change into something positive themselves! Remember, every mean creature in the dream is of your own unconscious devising. Others may have a different take on this scenario, but that is my advice!

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