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      Am I just over-thinking these dreams?

      So for almost a year, I have gotten close with a girl where she says she doesn't like me, but everyone else says she does. We live nearby and I'm a junior and she's a freshman. We used to talk almost everyday. She gives signals that she does like me all the time. She had a boyfriend who made her mad alot, but she continued to stay with him b/c she loves him. I felt she treated others, especially her bf, better than me. I fell in love and b/c I was jealous, I tried to make her jealous. Now previously, I've told her how I have to defend her whenever my friends say something bad about her. So I told her that I don't know what to do because my friends don't want me involved with her. She got mad at me and we stopped talking. And while I was trying to send it someone else, I accidentally sent her a screenshot of our messages. I didn't do it to hurt her or lose her trust. I did it because I needed help as I was kind of confused on why she got mad in the first place. We talked at least once every month after that, where I mostly initiated conversations. Eventually we sort of became friends again and I told her how I feel about everything and how I tried to make her jealous. She told me she doesn't like me like that. I told her I accept that. We had a short convo, but she stopped responding. After a few more tries of trying to talk to her, I just stopped and realized I will never regain her trust.

      So, throughout our friendship, I had weird dreams about her. Nothing too crazy, though.

      One was where me, alot of people from my bus and some people from school were at a gas station in a downtown area. Soon enough, me and her were talking. I wasn't really into the conversation, but I was happy that we were talking. But she said something to one of her friends and I got mad so I walked away. As I got pretty far from them, I decided to turn around and go back. When I started walking back, I heard gunshots and I started running to the gas station. She was the only person on my mind as I was running. But then a guy I know at school had a gun and was running away from the gas station. As he got closer to me, he pointed the gun at me. I stopped, thinking he was going to shoot me, but he just started laughing and continued running. And then I started back running towards the gas station, but the dream ended so I never found out if she actually got shot.

      The second dream was where I was walking down a hallway at school. All of a sudden, my friends and even strangers started coming up to me, telling me that she is pregnant. Then I went to lunch and more of my friends kept telling me she is pregnant. I acted as if I didn't care, but in my mind, I was angry that she was pregnant, possibly by her boyfriend.

      Another dream I had was we were at school and we were leaving a room at the same time. Then she asked me why I don't talk to her anymore, which gained laughs from her friends.

      Then I had a dream where she and I were laughing and talking in class. She was sitting close to me and leaning on me, basically flirtin.

      I had a dream that she and I were texting and we were arguing because she was getting extremely angry and I didn't know why. I think she was jealous for some reason.

      My friend later told me she dreamed that the girl and I were flirting in a store. We were rolling around in chairs and she kept trying to roll in between my legs. And we got kicked out the store. And then she told my friend she will date me in the summer. It's now the summer. I don't think about her that much anymore, except for a few nights when my emotions are at a high and I get the urge to try to talk to her again. But now I feel like the dreams are starting to re-occur.

      I've now had a dream where many people from our school were at an amusement park. And I was about to walk past the girl, her sister, and their friends. She turned to me and said hey to me. I said hey back and she asked how I was doing. I told her good and all of a sudden, she acted annoyed with me. And she yelled a little bit, but then she just smiled at me. I just chose to walk away from her, not wanting to be anymore embarrassed in front of her friends. And then when I left, I ended up telling a few of my friends about it and they laughed about it. I was happy about talking to her again, but I was mad that she went off on me for no reason.

      What do these dreams mean? I'm really confused. It seems like my dreams are telling me something. Is the situation going to start back up again?
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