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      Is my dream telling me who I really like?

      So, quick back story. I had a crazy night last night. Over a year ago, a girl started at my job and we got along really well. I started to like her, asked her out, she said she just wanted to be friends. So everything has been cool since then. We're great friends. About 6 months ago I began talking to this girl (I'll call her A) and I really like her, but it's been going really slow because of things she has going on. So last night I realized that I might still have feelings for my friend at work, even though I really like this other girl, but since it's going so slow I don't know if it will ever go anywhere with us.

      So on to the dream. I dreamt that I had convinced A to join a dating site so that we could talk through the website using the instant messaging on there. (Why that's better than texting her, I don't know haha) so she does it, and we're talking on there, and I ask her about me and her, and where it is going. She told me basically the same thing she said in real life when I had asked before, that she doesn't want to rush anything and she brought you how she relates to people through music, and we don't listen to the same stuff. I told her it was childish to not date someone you like just because we didn't grow up listening to the same music, and that if we get along great that shouldn't matter...and that I don't dislike her music and she listens to some of my music anyways, so I don't get why it's a big deal. I also told her that I would like to hang out with her more so we can actually see what happens, instead of everything being text messages.

      That's all I really remember...but is my brain telling me to keep trying with A and that I'm confusing things with my friend from work? I can't really believe it's a coincidence that I dream about me wanting to be with A right after I'm wondering my feelings about my friend. Any help would be great

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      I don't know what the dream means. But the central symbol in the dream seems to be music, and therefore one could ask oneself what music is, what the dream is expressing when it says "she need music to relate to people", and "the dreamer thinks it's childish".

      Music is perhaps our most primal expression of art, creativity and not the least emotion. When we are "in music", we are in our emotional self, not in our rational, thinking self.

      So, perhaps, when she says "I need to relate to another person through music", she is saying, "I need to relate to another person emotionally", beyond all judgment, argument, even reason.

      If the dreamer says "this is childish", it may be because he is "up in his head", he is judging, thinking, reasoning -- let's call it blue. He is blue. The girls says, if you want to connect to me, you need to be "red". But since red is rejected by the blue mind, it has a quality of inferiority in his inner life, and is perceived as, say, dumb and pointless -- childish.

      So, if this is true, the dream -- an unconscious story which often tries to balance the conscious mind -- is telling the dreamer that if you want to establish a relationship, you need to do so via the red, the music, the emotional self.

      This would imply that the dreamer has to change a little bit, and that is not no simple task. For some it takes a lifetime, for others it's a matter of sudden breakthrough.

      But I do not think that your inner self is making judgement whether you should go after this girl or that, that is not how dreams work in my humble opinion and experience, for whatever it is worth.

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