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    Thread: Warnings? Please do not be skeptical

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      Warnings? Please do not be skeptical

      These things I'm about to discuss are not my experiences but I know them to be true. They are from my dads sister whom is my grandparents' eldest child.

      My grandpa had had cancer for two years and passed away in late 2007, now yes this is a very tragic thing to go through but something important to remember is that my grandpa had always been worried about how my grandma would make it after he died (Not financially , they had been married for 50 years) they were/are very religious and devout baptists. I'll try to keep this brief. So yes the day came of his passing (emotional of course) and it was typical no big happenings . My grandma had always had a fear of trees and high winds keep in mind. It was two years after his passing in 09 that my aunt had the first dream involving him which she does not feel comfortable talking about except for ; he came to her and told her to not let mommy (grandma) be cutting trees.

      (to me at least, maybe it concerns me?) but the second dream happened two days ago (today is my grandmas birthday ) in which she saw my grandpa in his typical pants and no shirt you'd have to know him he just utterly disliked wearing shirts lol . He looked comepletly healthy healthier than even pre cancer. And he then proceded to tell Her many things here they are
      1st "please don't worry about kaley(my first cousin) but she will be involved in a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend in which he will leave her to die . But don't worry I'll stay with here until help comes . (Kaley was partially raised by grandma and grandpa)

      2nd then he brought up my grandma" And Ruby (my aunt) please don't be afraid ! Your mommy will have a heart attack and be in ICU for a week or so and I will be there with her. I can't wait to show her my snowball bushes iv planted ! " (He was always a avid Gardner being a typical kentucky man, my grandma has never problems with her heart before)
      Final: And then she said he began to perk up again." And ruby I can't wait to see your mommy iv missed her so much! (Then she said he began to look down and his eyebrows knit together In sadness and concentration and shook his head as he said) "But she's going to be so scared of the trees when she goes."

      Keep in mind again that she Is terrified of trees and has recently moved to a heavily wooded area . Please try to answer what these may mean is it just the dreams of a grieving eldest child or warnings ? Thank you for reading this small novel. (I am my fathers eldest child he is the second child) (I am the only grandson) just wanting to clear that up .
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      I don't know. Some sounds like something you can dream about, because those thoughts and fears are already in your mind. But some people believe, that we do get visits from our beloved departed ones.

      Good luck.

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      And now comes the question:

      Is it literal? In lucid dreams I've done stuff that I "Normally" don't do here physically. I say "Normally" because it's not "Normal" to start flying or grow Pegasus Wings.

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