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      Please interpret this dream I had this morning / last night

      Right the key factors include me having a long line down my right arm which had pussy filled spots on it the line was like a scratch or scar I was looking after someone with a relative and there was food there I was eating the chips from the place they were cooked even when they were cold the building wasnt the same no more and two people were getting close together it was like they were in a relationship and that was there way of telling me she wernt the same no more I told her she wasnt as beautiful as she normal is and remember no reply, this was by IM. Please tell me what this dream meant it was so so real also I had one experience in prison where it felt like my spirit was getting taken out of my body into a field in the middle of nowhere I was. Thank you, bless.

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      How is this?

      So you had a long line down your right arm with... Spots on it and the line was a scratch or scar.
      You were looking after someone with a relative and there was food.
      You were eating chips in this place which were cooked.
      What about temperature - Is it the building or the potato chips that were cold?
      The building: Not the same as it was.
      Two people were getting close together as if they were in a relationship and that was their way of telling you about it.
      The girl (Or were there two girls?) was saying "Things weren't the same no more." (That's a double-negative, BTW; "Ain't no" means "Is" and "We don't want none of that" means "We want that.")
      You told this girl in subject "You aren't as beautiful as you normally are" and you remember you didn't get a reply from her; This was by Instant-Messaging.

      Clear-cut? You're the closest to interpreting this from here. Anything I'm to interpret may be like hitting a flower-pot outside a window with a dart instead of hitting a dart-board with said dart.

      However, I do think you're noticing someone's beauty not being quite the same as it normally is. It's like recently when I dreamed of someone turning into a wolf in front of me, trying to bite me - I felt that way in regards to something before I fell asleep.

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