Hey, I have come across this site from time to time looking up thematic dreams and had a bizarre collection of some recurring themes last night. I think I have enough recall to capture most of the dream and just want to get it down. Im just curious what leads I might get. Thanks!

So the dream starts with a previous employer (think highschool job), Kenny, who is a good guy that I still see a few times a year at his shop. So it starts by visiting his shop, just to browse. Their shop is moving to a new place, so they are in flux. Then he leads me to a showroom. The colors are all brilliants, neon like signs. I was impressed. Next he leads me to another room and the scene changes to an older house, now all grey/brown hues (lack of color), sort of like that which I grew up (accept it was in color of course). The house is dirty stinky, and this room reminds me a lot of my parents kitchen, it might have even been their past kitchen (table was uniquely same) but I lost some mental images to be sure. Anyway some random laundry folded on table (mostly my clothes, including a specific pair of shorts I wore few days ago). Everything seems ok, but I see his face get stressed, then all of a sudden Kenny opens a trap into a secret basement room. He says we are in danger, and I need to get out of here and this is the only way for me to go. I climb down and he shuts the trap door. Now I am in this basement, and somehow my wife is there too.

So now we are both in this basement which could be a scene out of labyrinth. There is a magical gate/door/something in the right hand corner of the room. It looks like a wider spaced version of a jail cell door, except the bars are wide enough that a person can squeeze through. Flowing down between all the bars is something like mercury. The gate looks like a mirror because of the mercury and I cannot see past it. A voice (I do not remember if it had a character, but I think it did, or maybe even it was my wife) explained that the gate was like a labrynth and between each bar would take me to a different reality, and that some combination of them would lead me out. So at first I tried a couple times and was returned to different areas of that same basement, coming out either top or side of the stairs, a wall, or the gate itself. I do not remember how we figured out how to get out of there, but eventually we did make it out. Next thing I can recall we were driving along in our car.

Now, driving, returned to color. I felt like little kid, making hand airplanes out the winder, hair blowing in wind, sun warming face. For whatever reason I had the inclination to start picking my nails, which is a habit I do in real life. (in real life, I dont really pick them short, just tend to pick them instead of using the clippers) So I begin picking my nails, sort of on the edge of the window, still feeling like I am enjoying myself. First nail kind of has cutical come out a little bit, so I tug it and get a chunk of under nail tissue. It sort of hurts, and bleeds a bit, but I keep going. THis is where things really derail and get weird (to me). I start feeling compelled to mess with my other nails. And with each one, more and more under tissue is coming out. Like the nails are still there, but the living stuff underneath I am yanking out. Weirder is after the second one I start using my teeth/mouth to yank out the tissue, which I NEVER bite my nails (never in real life, never in a dream). Of course at this point my wife is noticing because all my fingers are bloody, im chewing them like a rabid dog. She says something, and I got to speak... but I can't because I have a mouthful of bloody pulp, fingernails and under fingernail tissue. I gave it a chew and spit it out the window...

Apparently I did not notice that there was a gnarly looking motorcyclist with his lady behind us, and I totally nailed them with my pulp wad. It was gross. They were cleary pissed and sped up in front of us. The girl forced him to pull over so she could get off the bike and brush off. However, as we drove by them she got off the cycle, and when she got off she clearly smiled at me in a reassuring way. He was pissed and started yelling towards our car. He sped off and passed us again, then locked up his rear brake to turn his bike and block the road. Just when I thought we were approaching him and things were gonna get bad he just sped off, we kept on driving, and I woke up and tried to recall whatever I could to write this.

So... that is my dream. I am feeling very weird today. What do you think?