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      I don't know the meaning of this dream.

      Today, I was awaken because of my dream....here it goes

      This is what I can remember about my dream. In the dream, I was in a bathroom that was dark as in not well lite and had a shade of green tint all around. A man was standing over me, it was a my husband but didn't look like my husband, but I knew deep down that he was my husband. I was throwing up a ball of coleslaw. I clearly remember the coleslaw because I first threw up in my hand to see what it was and then it slide into the toilet bowl that i was kneeling against. My husband was talking to me but I couldn't hear a word he said. I was feeling calm in the dream. The part that gets me is the fact that I heard myself making the gagging sounds that someone would make before you throw up. I could feel the ball of coleslaw in my throat as if I was i actually going to throw up. I woke up and checked the bed because in the dream I threw up 3 times. When I awoke I had drool down my arm and was laying somewhat face down.

      In real life I am married. My husband bends over backwards for me. Spoils me a lot. The first man in my life that really cared about my well being and the first person in my life to make me feel safe.

      Love you hear your feed back. If I missed a detail or you need more please just ask.

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      Good Morning Chesirekitten,

      You are the focus of this dream. The dream overall is about cleansing. The bathroom represents a need for spiritual cleansing and the dark green tinted room represents something negative overshadowing your life that could relate to issues of envy, jealously or pride (from you or someone else).

      You vomited 3 times. Vomit represents the rejection of some beliefs/ideas or feelings. It is about giving up negative thoughts, a change that is needed in your life and could relate to a relationship that is unsettled or one you are thinking about giving up. Three times is significant as this means that if you are cleansed from the emotional/spiritual toxins inside you will be restored. There is hope within this dream!

      Vomiting into your hand shows that this is about a relationship that needs healing.

      The gagging sound of the vomit points to being prevented from expressing yourself. Kneeling by the toilet bowl represents an opportunity for you to get rid of a negative situation once you have given up all power and control of the situation you have been holding onto.

      The man that you know to be your husband could represent either his involvement in this situation or he could represent a generational issue in your family. (Is he a Freemason or anyone else in your family by any chance?)

      Therefore: This dream is about a need for spiritual/emotional cleansing that could relate to envy or jealously of some kind. There is a communication barrier with you being preventing from expressing yourself, even the man in your dream is incomprehensible. Your feelings are stifled and a relationship needs healing. This does not necessarily have anything to do with your actual husband (unless he is a Freemason or another male in your family!). It could relate to previous relationships or ones with a Father. The dream is giving you an opportunity to give up this issue and be cleansed of its negative power and influence over your life.

      Let me know if this resonates with you in any way.


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