I had a dream of opening a drawer to find a boxed, rotten mask of Ian Curtis in it.

Ian Curtis was the singer (and occasional guitarist) for the band Joy Division. I've been listening to the band a lot and the songs - Though they can be interpreted otherwise - Are often said to be dreary and gloomy. One of their songs, "Love Will Tear Us Apart," is (as I guess) about Ian's love life with his wife and how he felt as if he was inadequate - But that's only a guess and I may be 100% off the mark and the dart out the window, Scaring a cat, Knocking over a flowerpot and falling down a drainpipe by that interpretation. (What a scene that would be; Got cartoon physics? I hope you understand my point here.)

OK. So, Ian was married and had a kid and was 23 years old. He then was about to go on a tour with the band the next day and he had epilepsy, went with a woman who wasn't his wife and I don't know what else (Or so the story goes - God correct it if any of it is off) and then he killed himself.

So, What gives? I've had other dreams of him. One of them involved him on a public toilet making a massive "deposit." (He didn't call it that though, That's my wording.)

It's been said by the other former members of the band that "There were too many Ians to cope with." They considered him "One of the lads" and yet he also had a stage persona (The fake him that is this mask which I saw?) and he also was the breadwinner for his wife and kid.

Well, Anyone who has anything to add is welcome to add it. Thanks for reading.