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    Thread: Very long, very intense death dream. Need help understanding

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      Very long, very intense death dream. Need help understanding

      This is the first time I've ever really felt strongly about a dream, but this one warrants special attention. This is going to be a fairly long explanation for a couple of reasons, as I have never had any dream, in my entire 33 years, like the one I had last night. First, I want to record it somewhere to save the details (so here will be for now), and second, there was so much to the dream that I want to make sure to hit every detail to help aide you all in hopefully figuring out what it could have meant.

      Physically, I went to sleep around midnight last night, and awoke at around 0600, where I pretty much rolled over and immediately went back to sleep. That's when this started...

      First, I dreamt I was in a red building. It was small, like a garage, and there was a very large cornfield outside where my real-life dog, Rudy, was running around. I remember this particularly because I recall yelling for him to come back. I was cooking, something in a crockpot, don't know why, but that's what I was doing in the red building. Anyways, at some point, I was stabbed in the abdomen. I didn't feel the physical pain, and I don't remember who or what caused it, but what I do recall is this was where the dream turned strange.

      I had died from the stab wound. I know this because I was instantly moved from the red garage type building to a building with large hallways and many rooms, similar to a mall. There were other people here, one of these people I knew personally. His name was Carl, and he was a personal friend of mine years ago when I was active duty Air Force. Carl told me that I had died, and that I was a ghost, and that the people in these hallways were not, so they could not see nor hear me, and I couldn't interact with them. Once he told me this, I recall feeling skeptical, and approached someone sitting on a bench along the large hall. I waved my hands and yelled in front of the person to no avail. Carl was still with me at this point, and I had turned to him and began to ask him what was going on. He said then, that I would be able to communicate with these so-called 'living' people when they were sleeping, but only when they were in their deepest states of sleep. Ironically, at that moment, the individual on the bench (whom I have no idea who it was, it wasn't a face I'd ever seen before), laid down and went to sleep. After they had fallen asleep, they sat back up and were instantly able to see and hear me. Me and the individual walked away from Carl, and discussed the fact that I had been stabbed (I remember distinctly saying "I was freaking stabbed!" in a comical sense) and I was a ghost, however, this person would fade in and out, almost flickering in existence. Somehow, I'd understood this occurred because their deep state of sleep would fluctuate, and they would fade out from my perception when their sleep was disturbed. Believe it or not, things even get weirder from here...

      Once my bench dweller had faded and not came back, I returned to my friend Carl, and we didn't have time to talk any further because we both (he preceded me) were immediately uplifted to the sky. I don't recall a roof, or even clouds, or the sun, but what I do recall is raising into the air. After we were being lifted for a length of time, we came to rest in this wide flat landscape, which was presumably above the clouds. There were MANY people here, standing in a gaggle, all nationalities, races, creeds, but the fact that there was a flat landscape in the sky wasn't what was strange...there were these large tornadoes everywhere. Randomly, a tornado would touch down and suck a single person up into it's grey whirling mass. I witnessed two or three people taken up into these tornadoes, and then Carl was next. After seeing Carl go, the next tornado came for me. And...it get's weirder...

      So as I travel through this tornado, the walls around me, while cylindrical, started out as you'd imagine the inside of a tornado, but eventually it was all black, with occasional lights whizzing by me on all sides randomly. I could see at the end of this tornado a light. Not the proverbial 'light' with the warmth and love that you hear about when people die, but a dark, almost scientific light. A bodiless voice was speaking to me while I traveled through this strange tunnel towards the awkward light, and it was explaining to me what was happening. It told me that I was being recycled, and as it discussed it's technicalities of scientific processes of this recycling, I neared the end of the tunnel. Finally, the light that I was seeing was clear, it was a black grid with white lines, wide and rectangular, with a few random squares highlighted outside of the grid. Each square of the grid (including the few that were not part of the rectangular whole) had 3 pin points inside of it; yellow, green, and blue in color. In addition, each square of the grid had a different configuration of colors and placements of these pin points. When I saw it, I remember spouting "Hey, that's stardust." The voice confirmed my proclamation, and began to explain more of it's process to me. It (I say "it" because it did not have a definitive male for female voice) talked about how each human being is made of the same material, just in different configurations, and that was the squares that were outside, not part of the rectangle. However, those squares were interconnected with another person's "grid." Moreover, it continued to explain to me that, when someone dies and was 'recycled' that there were occasionally things that would carry over, from this so called previous life to the next, but it explained it as scarred tissue on the brain. It told me that this scarred tissue can happen when the same event happens repeatedly to the individual, and the repetition of that event was what caused the scarring, which would persist through this recycling process. Unfortunately, it was at this point that I awoke.

      I can assure you that I remember this dream EXTREMELY vividly, and immediately recounted it to my girlfriend. The grid object almost resembled some sort of radiometric image, sort of like the thermal image scientists have found of the Big Bang, but with significantly more dark spots. I've never dreamt that I was dead, and I've never dreamt of being a ghost, let alone any of the other incredible things that this dream seemed to reveal. Whether it holds any truth or not, I have no idea, but I'd absolutely appreciate any feedback that anybody could give me on any of this. It is a lot to take in, and I'm not sure where to start.

      Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you all.

      UPDATE: I originally posted this in another forum, but I have yet to hear any response. As this is very important to me, and I'd like to get some sort of input, I'm broadening it to another (this) forum. As a result, here is some additional information that you had requested in your sticky thread. First, I am a male, 33 years old, spent 13 years active duty Air Force, until 2013 when I broke my neck and was medically retired; since then, I've been a full time college student. I have a girlfriend, while we have the same problems any normal relationship would have, we have a very positive relationship. I'm very open minded, and not religious at all, I don't adopt any sort of God, and am still on the fence about it. Anyways, if you need more information, please don't hesitate to request. Thank you all for your time, I know this is a long post.


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      Wow Danjr5! That sounds like a very interesting dream. So, to give some feedback on your dream. It sure sounds like one possible theorie about how a "afterlife" could work. And maybe you got some taste of that in this dream of yours. I am reading the book, The art of dying, by Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick. And something that they brought up a lot in that book, is that people who have past away recently, are often visiting family or friends in their dreams after they died. Im not religious or any thing like that my self, but Im curious about these kind of rare storys that people often call gibberish like they know all truths.

      Well, thanks for sharing your dream. It was a very interesting one!

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      I've read the NDE's where people choose to stay or come back, but I also read this story that this particular planet is a prison planet and extraterrestrials make a "dark, almost scientific light" mock up of the life after death experience where "we go to the light", and instead of the "we choose to reincarnate for spiritual growth" thing NDE's speak of, aliens recycle us into this prison planet over and over again forever and ever. More than a life sentence, an eternity sentence. But that could just be stories put into differing people through dreams and other means to lower our vibration and to make us feel low and like there's no point in anything. I choose to believe both happens, I want to vibrate high enough to where I won't be recycled by aliens hacking into the matrix....I don't know though to be honest. Sorry if I brought you only more confusion. It might be truth, but it also might be a scheme to lower peoples vibrations through fear and sorrow. Either way keep your chin up.

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