Last night I dreamed that I was with three people in an unknown place, two of which I think i knew but I'm not sure. It was night time and we were in a relatively poor area. There was one girl that I didnt know in real life, but we ended up talking and decided to break from the group and find a place to have sex. I have a girlfriend in real life and I love her, but this girl was a stranger. I do have doubts about my girlfriend sometimes.

So we run off to find a place within this vicinity to have sex, but every time we're about to do it, we notice that there is someone watching or near by. And every person looks kinda of scary and dangerous. So we keep switching places but there is always someone there. At one point, a vicious pitbull charges at us and we start running away. I climb a fence and I scream at her to hurry and climb the fence, but she can't. When the pitbull reaches her, it is gentle and simply sniffs her hand. But when I put my hand out, it tries to bite me and acts vicious.

Later in the dream, I am driving her home and she doesnt want to have sex anymore, but I convince her otherwise. We go to my room and I start giving her oral sex, but when I looked at her face, it seemed like she was in pain. It was an expression of physical pain, not that she was uncomfortable because of the act.

Please help me interpret this.. I feel like this is related to an insecurity about my girlfriend or something?