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      Post Dreaming of Marriage at the Age of 14

      Greetings, fellow dreamers..
      Some of you might have known me from my first post in the Introduction Zone. But maybe most of you haven't know me.

      So, my name is Gilbert, I live in Indonesia. From the Title of this post, you might have known, that I am indeed, a student. Yes, I'm 14 years old, and I've just graduated from junior high school. I've been having a Dream that keeps making me worried about the meanings it hold...

      The dream happened about a week ago,
      I'm dreaming about living in a beautiful house, which I've dreamed to build (I want to become an architect), and I'm sitting at a balcony, with my classmate Cynthia ( yep, I'm not afraid to say her name), sitting beside me, holding hands, looking at the distance. For some reason, I know that we are married. I turned my head and looked at her, and she did too, and leaned in and kissed me. Then, she looked at me, smiling, and saying "what are we going to do today? We've just married yesterday.". I feel really happy in my dream when she said that, happier than anything else. I remember the scenery in my dream, The house was built on a cliff side, with the balcony having a view over to the ocean, and clouds over the sky. Even though I've only had a little crush on her, just before I moved on to my second crush ( also one of my classmate, but that's not important), and she looked just like at the graduation day ( 14 years old ). And we are a pretty close friend (me and Cynthia), compared to my relation with my second Crush ( 3 conversation in 2 years ). I feel some sort of emotions deep in my dream, the happy feeling that we are married in my dream. The happy feeling that she kissed me. And the comfort feeling when she smiled at me.

      Cynthia was one of my closest friend, and I always feel comfortable talking to her. It just feels like I want to tell her everything. She was a nice girl, but, both of us have taken a separate branch of class, and I know that I could rarely see her. But I could see my second crush anytime I want because we are at the same class.

      So guys, please help me, this dream keeps making me worried. And i want to ask you guys, What's the meaning of this dream? I've heard of having marriage in dreams, but when someone's 14 years old? And the fact that she looked the same, still 14 years old makes me wonder, what's the meaning of that? And finally, should I try dating her ( I've never date a girl before ), and possibly reaching the same thing that happens just like this dream? Please help me Guys..
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