Hello, this is my first post to the forum as this dream made me immediately look for interpretation forums.

I guess I should share a little about myself. I'm a 20 year old man in college, about to be a senior, with some experience in emergency medicine (EMT). I am premed but finding it very difficult and starting to consider other paths. A few months back my girlfriend left. She was very interested in lucid dreaming and what dreams mean, but I was always skeptical. I never really had a lot of dreams, but this month in particular I have been having more than normal. This dream in particular forced me to find this forum. I'm not sure if it is fear or curiosity, but I'm here now.

The dream started with me and 4 other men and a women (faces unfamiliar) walking into a building. I lagged behind, ensuring they didn't hear me, and called the police telling them that there were men with guns inside of the building (I recall the label on the door way 4ELM4B). When I entered I walked over to a table and grabbed a gun. I then told the others that we should leave and that I thought the police were coming, I was ignored. The events following included breaking into a very small safe to get ammunition and walking out into the parking lot.

The parking lot was small, fenced in, and had 7 cars in it with 4 cars on my side and 3 cars on the other. The police entered the parking lot from my right and officers (all were not dressed in uniform) spread out to both sides of the parking lot. The group of people and I took cover around the first 2 cars in the row of 4. There were police behind the cars next to us and in front of us.

There was no talking and a shootout began. I watched for a while with the gun in my hand, hiding behind a car. Eventually I dropped my gun and put my hands up, and eventually laid out prone on the ground with my hands out. The woman in the group did the same behind me. Then I saw an officer across the parking lot make clear eye contact with me and continue suppressing the other men. I remember him getting shot and him curling over with a grimace. At this point I ran out from behind the side of the car with my hands up and yelling "don't shoot" While running I new I was going to be shot. I ran for the exit and saw two police officers, one woman with dark hair and one man with long blonde hair. The woman (seemed shocked) shot at me and the man raised his gun but never fired.

I ran past them knowing I had been shot, but I did not want to look down. I felt a burning sensation in the top of my chest and an energy draining feeling. I kept running and the energy kept draining, my intent was to run to a hospital, but I knew I would bleed out before then.

I woke up. No pain in my chest but breathing heavily.

I hope this wasn't to long. And any insight would be great. I'm also not sure If I shared enough about me to give anything insightful.

Thank You.