Last night I had two dreams each one was a bit weird.I think they are all related and they were quite short.

The first was I was sitting in a bar with a group of friends having a great time. Everyone was complimenting me saying I was looking amazing. I felt really good. All of a sudden my best friend (we had been fighting for 2 weeks by the way) comes in and he is with the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It was human but it was so ugly. He doesn't pay much attention to me but everything to this creature, laughing, hugging, ect. After a while I get annoyed that he rather spend time with that then me so I ask"who is this?" and he says " you know who it is, it is you" and then I get really angry and everything became distorted. And I hear people laughing. Then I woke up.

The second dream took place in the summer I joined 6th form so I didn't know any of my friends. But I knew exactly who they were but they didn't know who I was. They invited me to a party and I was in a car full of people who didn't know me but I was trying to explain who I was but no one was listening. I ask them to drive me home and I say something and the car disappears and we are all standing outside my house. There are three people yelling at me, two of them I have seen only in pictures and the other is a good friend (not the same from the first). The good friend tells me his disappointed and I feel like i am in chains. All of a sudden my teeth began to hurt and twist and fall out and I felt so much pain my jaw locked and felt numb.