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    Thread: Really long bridge made out of wood?

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      Really long bridge made out of wood?

      I was with ppl but I can only recall my sister next to me maybe we were in a car because it felt like we were speeding thru the air, and on my right was a bridge that was still being made but looked almost done it was just a long flat Woodenbridge think over water but I can't remember, as we drove past it I pointed at the bridge and expressed how amazed I was at it, in this same dream i lookd down at the water in the sea and cud see what I think was a shark but I couldn't see it properly but I didn't care too much because we were driving on,,, the water wasn't clear it was muddy light brown colour, we were now on a boat and we were driving so fast to shore,,,, in this same dream I was also sitting on a high wall and next to me was a wall that was surrounded by leafs and bushes and on the floor I saw a tartrantular that was hairy but it's legs were just bones no hair, I don't think I was on the wall when I saw the tarantula but remember looking at Itami backing up a little but I wasn't so scared just cautious.

      It's a weird dream but dream are weird if anyone can interpret even a little of the dream that be wicked!

      Also what do dreaming of oranges mean?

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      this sounds like very positive dreams. they sound like the same dream. the bridge your on and the on being built represents you reaching your goals. one bridge is already ready to drive across while the other is being built. the shark represents the risks and fears of the said goals. it's good that you recognized them but wherent slowed or stopped by them. same with the walls and terrantula. except in this dream your sitting atop the goal your working on and looking at the one you've completed. that's what the vines represent. it's complete, vines and all. There is warning here though it seems you are more preoccupied with the new goal. especially if the wall with the vines is delapidated, you may want to pay more attention to your original goal.
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      That's cool thanks

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