Hi everyone, new member in the forum. It is going to be a long first thread in order to provide you with some background.

I am 36 years old, and a female. I usually dream of non existant people, places and situations (in my dreams they can be known to me or not) but every now and then, especially since my father passed away 3 years ago, I dream of him and the rest of my family quite a bit. I occasionally also dream of friends but I hardly ever dream of my crushes/love interest/ boyfriends when there is one in my life (only one exception to that, at the age of 20, that I got to dream daily of a man I had a big crush for).

At present, I have had a thing for this guy for about a year now, who lives in another city. There´s mutual attraction and we´ve met about four times but we´ve had daily communication for long periods of time, especially in the beginning. I really felt I had met the person I can see myself with - still do in a way - and thought we could try to get to know us more. It is not mutual - not in the way I´d like and I´ve tried to avoid contact over and over again to save me the heartache (which I haven´t) but somehow, we always end up talking again although things do not advance in any way. He starts looking for me when he hasn´t heard from me in a while and I have turned somehow numb enough no to feel excited or expectant. He always says he works too much and he´s not seeing anyone but I am not so sure. It is always work for sure but he´s a very attractive and witty man and I doubt he hasn´t got his flings or some special friend around.

So, in a period of 15 months, I do not think I have dreamt of him more than four times and nothing really long or memorable. The dream before the last was a month an a half ago, when we had not talked in 3,5 months and I dreamt he was telling me he was missing me. Since then, about 2-3 weeks ago, he has talked to me and we had quite a few things set clear, although he went back to his old ways pretty soon to have his wittiness/flirtiness partly ignored which has now set the pace for a mere friendly online relation .

Last night or, I should say, this dawn, I had the following dream:

It was him and me in his bed, him somehow consoling me being sad or melancholic. Then off he went somewhere and I stayed there waiting for him. While waiting I was aware of other women around in the space/ bedroom, one in some kind of couch in front of the bed on the left hand side and another one on the right. On the whole, there seemed to be movement around me and I was getting the impression it focused on getting me distracted, and out of the bed and maybe the bedroom of this man. Somehow, and although I could see the women, this energy came from elsewhere. But I was really focused and not bothered or worried. Then I saw a big pillow I had in the bed, lifted up from it and I knew/could see it was attached to some threads and I had this vision of the floor above me, where this guy was at that moment working and someone next to him was the one handling these threads that lifted the pillow. And I knew that person was trying to make me uncomfortable in bed by stealing my pillow. So at the same time, I caught the pillow and started undoing the knots of the threads and cutting some to let the pillow free. The movement around me slowed down eventually , the women were no longer there and I could see I now was on my own in the room. While I was putting the pillow down I noticed the bed had only a bedcover on but I could see the mattress under it and no sheets. I was calm throughout the whole dream and I do not remember anything else other than the sense of waiting.

I would appreciate your opinions. I have some ideas of my own but I would love to read some external feedback.