So for a long time (Like since late elementary school) , I've been having dreams that lack any rhyme or reason. All of the dreams follow generally the same setup:

I am not in my body, but merely a projection able to see and sometimes move myself. There will often be some presence or guide flying me through the galaxy and telling me the names and other information of these celestial bodies. And I fly through space visiting exotic stars and planetary systems. I've seen everything. Binary and Triple star systems. Black holes, white dwarfs, and beautiful nebulas. Star systems with planets on crazy orbits that may orbit their stars backwards or may fly above and below the star rather than on the standard orbital plane. Recently I even found another earth-like planet but it had three moons.

I am tempted to think that these just result from a healthy interest in space travel that I have held from a young age, but I was wondering if anyone else had a different interpretation.