Ok so this is my first post on this forum so let me start with some background about my self. I am 23, live with my 21 year old girlfriend and have been for a little over 4 years. This last year has be crazy with us. We both got heavy into drug use (the heavy kind) and have grown apart a bit. She doesn't trust me much after a lie she busted me on like a month a a half ago (fyi she was doing drugs too.) I met her in California when I was living there and we both moved to my hometown of Chicago after 2 years of being together.

So to the dream.

I start dreaming. Me and my girlfriend are in a very nice house (guessing it was our house) and from the looks of it we are in California again. We are watching tv and just having a normal but yet fun time with eachother. Things seem nice and we seem happy. We start watching this show I had never seen or heard of before. Next thing I know she has invited friends over to our place and when I ask who she says some names I've never heard before. I ask who the hell are they and she looks at me kind of like wtf then there's a door bell. I go and open the door and 2 guys and a girl walk in. They all say hi to me and I stop and say who the f... are you people. The two men laugh and the girl looks kind of mad. I go to my gf looking for anwsers. She acts like I'm loosing my mind. Next thing I know door bell rings again. 3 more girls walk in. Same deal as the last with the hellos and then me getting frustrated not knowing who the f... these people are even thou they act like they know me. Note these 3 woman are very hot. I mean like smoking hot. Long curled hair. Nice c cup breasts. Bubbly big butt and hardly any thing covering up them selfs. The perfect girl times 3. Mind you my girlfriend is just as beautiful to me so it wasn't about that. They all know me. And I mean they know me well. Everyone is hanging out and I am still like wtf is going on. As everyone is is having a good time I stop. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU F...... PEOPLE.. Everyone looks at me. The bestlooking girl gets in my face. Matt (that's my name) wtf is wrong with you this is so like you. I look at these people and say no this is bullshit.. I have no idea who you people are. Everyone these is saying they no me and at this point keep say this is so tipical.you matt. I look at my girl friend who looks just as confused as everyone . At this point I feel like ive lost my Mind. this is when my teeth. Start to fall out. And an already embarrassing Event become even worse. I freak out and leave. At this point I'm back in Chicago and I run to my ex gfs House. She lets me in and at this point I am in tears. She calms me down and we then start to have sex. Just as she is about to cum her face becomes my girlfriends face and then I see the house with all the people looking at me. I start Noticing.that my ex girlfriend is now in the place of the girl in the house and my girlfriend is now the girl I am having sex with. She cums. And I wake up

I haven't gotten this out of my head all day. I never dream much like ever. I like some insight on what it all mean. btw sorry for the poor grammer as I am on my cell phone typing this huge post.