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    Thread: Black frog

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      Black frog

      Hi can anyone interpret my dream please ?
      So I see two huge black frogs look size of toad but smooth like frogs .
      They are on a window sill the sun in shining they are in blue packaging with cable ties like you get on toys holding their feet in place , I see myself gently cutting this away so as they can escape then thinking about getting them some water to drink .. Next I recall seeing the ocean looks exotic and sunny I think the frogs have gone there (?) then looking up a really tall building sun bouncing off it's walls feeling really happy they are free and jumping . I am also higher up in. Terrace type setting and then also walking alongside the building.
      Sorry this is all the detail I can remember

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      Black frogs represent a spirit of lust. It sounds like you are being encouraged to release yourself from this and then you will soar and be free. It could be about being free from a relationship or two.

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