So I had this dream I was talking to my ex and told her I know a doctor that can get her weed (she was a pot head) and so she agreed to meet me and said she wasn't dating the guy she was with anymore. I was excited to see her again. So when I get there I drop her off at the doctors and wait outside in the car. It was dark out and I was the only car in the lot. I see her come out and I get out the car to meet her. We go into this building in this empty lobby And she gets on the phone with someone and I ask her if she's lying about not dating that guy no more and she said he lives in the same building but not with her. This got me mad and I tried not to show it. We go outside and a couple of her new friends that don't exist in real life are there guys and girls and she gets along with them so well like they been friends for years and I start to notice she looks really different wearing make up ( she never wears it) and they start talking about how they have a warehouse where they grow weed and I get more pissed and say then why the fuck did you even need me to get you that. And from here I don't remember too much besides going into this warehouse and waking up angry and depressed. In way it felt good seeing her again though. I just don't know what my subconscious is hinting at with this