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      Reuqesting interpretation of a very disturbing dream.


      I'm 52 white female boring bureacrat with a bunch pets, no kids, no spouse. Like I said. boring.

      I had a very disturbing dream last night, but it was exceedingly unlike any nightmare I've had. Up to now I've only had a few nightmares, and those were genuinely terrifying and very centered around danger to myself. It was easy to understand why they frightened me. this dream wasn't like that.

      I don't recall the first part of the dream....it was just very typical dream stuff. I start remembering the dream when I found I was wandering around a college campus, originally doing something with my mother [she's deceased, but was alive in my dream) At some point we separated and I met up with people that, in the dream i think I knew, but I wouldn't recognize in my waking life. We were going to someplace -i don't recall where or why- on a vehicle like an old horse drawn stage coach. A young lady joined us and was very excited about going with us so she climbed onto the stage, then said we had to stop so she could do something that involved getting down off the coach. She got off, did something inconsequential, then She climbed back up. In the dream I remember thinking she seemed like a vivacious, likable person. After she got up she said she forgot something and climbed back down again for something before climbing up again. The coach was very high and she was becoming exhausted. As she started back up I could see she was struggling, but I didn't stop to help her as she tried to get back up.I just kind of felt annoyed that she was taking so long. As she got to the top she lost all strength and fell off thte coach. We all just stood there and watched. Then after a moment we realized she was hurt and climbed down to help. She was just...shattered.. crushed almost. She was gushing blood from neck and I was trying to stop the bleeding but i wasn't having any success. It felt so hopeless, knowing there was nothing I could do. Someone pointed out her leg had been ripped off her body and was floating in some water. we just kept waiting and waiting for an ambulance until it finally came. She was carried off...and that's when the dream became just another dream without anything unusual. The ambulance attendents wrapped her up to stop the bleeding, and put her on the gurney and took her away. And at that point the dream just became a dream and it stopped being so disturbing. It was just another dream and I don't even remember that part. That middle section I remember so vividly...it was so disturbing...it's still disturbing I don't why it bothers me.

      Any takers?

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      Leslie Knope, is it really you??!! Lol sorry, your description sounded like a character from Parks and Recreation..

      I've had similarly shocking and disturbing dreams before, and personally I don't think it carries any meaning. It sounded like you started to feel bad about not helping her climb up and down, which set off a dream schema of guilt. That's the way dreams work - the way you react emotionally to something determines how the next part of the dream will go. Essentially, your guilt set a course for the rest of the dream in which your subconscious took sadistic glee in punishing you wickedly. I've also learned that sometimes when we're dreaming the mind does a sort of diagnostic check to make sure the systems are fully functional - basically the warning systems that don't get used much in modern society - fear, shock etc. So it cooks up dreams every so often filled with shocking horrible things just to make sure your hormones are flowing properly and you respond appropriately. It's like a fire drill or something.

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