I can only remember some of the dream, so please bear with me.

It started at a hospital in the middle of a city. It wasnt my home city, just a random city. I was a visitor not a patient. The beds and furnishings were in a mint green, and it was one large room without curtains separating the beds. There were no nurses that I remember. At that time, I was calm. A storm was approaching and someone, im not sure who said "it's a tornado, everyone look out". I didnt believe them at first, until I looked out the window. The weather was clear but a black smoky tornado was winding its way to the hospital. I began to feel afraid, as I'm quite scared of tornadoes, and living in Florida has kept that fresh in mind. We pushed the patient's beds to the centre of the room and all got in the brace position. The tornado came within inches of the windows but damaged nothing. We were all relieved, but the tornado doubled back and tore straight through the middle of the room. In the distance I could see a second smoky black tornado heading straight for us. I told the girl next to me we needed better cover, so we ran into the street. We kept running up a small hill, unitl we found a long row of glass doors of empty shop lots. The doors were hinged as to open like a zigzag ( /\/\/\) we tried 2 or 3 but they were locked. I noticed that behind the roadside set of doors were another identical set, so there as a small entry room between the two sets and a larger interior room. The door furthest to the left of the row was unlocked and the tornado was fast approaching and we were panicking. We ran into the larger interior room, looking back and seeing the 2 tornadoes snaking closer. When mybeyes adjusted I noticed the entire room was literally blanketed, and a dark blue pillow sat just off center. We lay down to ride out the tornado. There appeared a man, i knew he was homeless but tyere was nothing to indicate that except the pillow and the fact he said "youve walked into my territory, youre mine now" I was terrified but I acted calm. He gave us a blanket. He wasnt menacing, but kind. However there was no doubt we were captive and at his mercy, he wasnt to be trusted. He had a set of playing cards and asked my name, before I could stop myself I said my real name and he began to write a grid of numbers down. Surrounding the grid were numbers and symbols relating to playing catds, he began to draw lines connecting certain numbers, and while doing so looked at the girl with me and said "if she is the queen of hearts she can leave if not...well..." I got the queen of diamonds. I remember feeling like I needed to be close to this man to keep safe, even though he himself was a danger to me. I didnt consider an escape attempt. Thats all I remember.