I would like some opinions of people of how this dream could be interpreted.

Many months ago, I had a really strange dream. It was a dream concerning me and my grandfather. In this dream, I laid by his bedside holding him as he died. Now in this dream the bedroom he was in, the best way I could describe, at least back then was as if he was in some sort of hospital.

My grandfather is quite old, in his 90s, and as much as I and my other family members tried so much to help, the hardest decision that had to be made was that he had to be placed in a nursing home.

Months after I had this dream, and when the decision came that he had to be put into a nursing home, this is where part of my dream that I had is saying something.

The type of room my grandfather occupies in the nursing home greatly resembles that of what I had dreamed of months prior. The window placement, the placement of the bed, the color of the walls were very similar.

Like to know what others people interpretation of this.

Thing is with me, some of the strange dreams I have had have actually come to pass, I recall many years ago I had one type of dream where the whole family was gathered around for some kind of family function. My parents were there, my sisters had their partners as well, but with me, it was like I was isolated as i didn't have anyone, it was as if I was miserable and felt alone. Irony is, first time family function that had everyone present, I was the one that didn't have anyone.