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      Auras and Aliens.... Again.

      Hello, I haven't posted on here in a while, and I wanted to re-post an old thread of mine to see if I can get some perspective/interpretation of what this dream means. Didn't get a whole lot of response the last time around, and this dream is very intriguing. I have several others I have written down that I will post here soon. Here is a copy of the old thread.

      Hello, I recently starting keeping a journal beside my bed at night to write down ideas (I'm an aspiring fiction writer), because I find the best Ideas come to me in the middle of the night when my son wakes up, or in the morning... anyway, the first night I started keeping a journal beside my bed, I had the clearest, most memorable dream I've had in a VERY long time.

      I was with my wife, and several other people, but I can't picture or remember who they were, in the dream they were friends, but I never got a direct look at them.. they were just sort of peripherals in our "group".. anyway. We were at the beach, the weather was clear, but it was getting kind of cold because it was dusk. The sky was still blue, but the sun was setting. There was a shack on the beach with 2 lines of people, probably 30-40 people deep in each line. We waited in line and discovered that the wait was to have your aura read and interpreted. Fast forward to me at the front of the line, in front of this girl, probably somewhere around 14,15,16. She was dressed in white and purple dress that you might find on a young girl in the 60's or something. She had a bow in her hair (She was dressed kind of like those twin girls from "The Shining", but it was purple, not blue.). Her sister was dressed the same way. These were sisters. They looked very similar, they might have been twins. Anyway, they had long, dark hair, and their eyes were completely black except for a very technological element inside them that is quite hard to describe... the black eyes had 2 concentric rings in them that ran around the outer rim of the eyeball... not full rings, like 3/4 rings. The outer ring was green, the inner ring was like a red/orange... and from what I remember, the rings were moving in opposite directions at random times... like the girl was processing information or processing input much like a machine would, or when your computer shows the icon to let you know it's busy processing information. It led me to believe these were either eye implants, or these girls are machines, demons, aliens, or something... It was ambiguous. They had pale skin, almost white... Could have been white, maybe artificial skin, I couldn't tell. It SHOULD have been quite frightening, but it wasn't at all. The overtone was not frightening, demonic, or negative at all. It was a very deep and cryptic vibe, but not frightening or negative. Anyway, the next thing I remember, the sister I was in front of told me my aura was - verbatim - "Violet. Violet. TOO Violet." and she had said something else afterward about fixing my aura that I can't remember verbatim, but it was about getting a book, and something about Australia. This remark about the book and Australia was the only point in the dream I could actually HEAR what the girl's voice sounded like. She had an accent that I think was Australian. The next thing I remember, my wife had either told me, or I overheard her being told by the other sister that her aura was "Cerulean Blue, with 2 spots in it." She had indicated that having 1 spot in it is good, but having 2 spots is bad, and it indicates something called " Bulk Sorrow". So the next thing I remember, I was feeling skeptical that this whole thing was a scam, so I go back and get in the OTHER line to have my aura read by the other sister. I get to the front of the line, and she seemed very lazy and uninterested in reading me, almost like she knew I had been there before or something. Casually, she said my aura was "Dark, dark blue, almost black."

      I don't remember much after that, but when I woke up, I wrote it all down and then I started reading up on auras, as I knew NOTHING about them at ALL. To be candid, I've never been a strong believer in auras or metaphysical things like that, although I TRY to keep an open mind about that stuff and entertain the idea they might exist, that sort of thing. Violet is the wisest and most sensitive of all the auras, and those who possess a violet aura have a strong ability to translate thoughts into reality, and it mentioned something about some type of clairvoyance. The governing chakra of violet auras is the 3rd eye, which I've always been very interested in. The strangest part came when my wife woke up and said her throat hurt. She had clearly swollen glands in her throat. Her throat NEVER hurts. I looked up her aura from the dream (Blue) and it said the governing chakra was the one in the throat.

      Now, I've been to Australia several times, LOVED it, used to live in California, so the beach is a pretty predictable setting. The girls I remember from a trailer for Paranormal Activity 5... but the mechanical eyes and the aura stuff are really freaking me out. I also Any thoughts?
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