Hello all! I hope you can interpret this dream I had last night... it's pretty whacky.

So a little bit of random background before the interpretation...

I am a female who dedicates most of her life to several celebrities and idols. One of those celebrities is WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. I completely adore both his in-ring character, as well as his out of the ring personality. I really want to meet him someday soon, and I am becoming more anxious with the knowledge of WWE coming to my hometown soon and the possibility of him being there. Like I said, I really love this guy and really want to meet him.
A little about myself is that I'm a very shy and awkward person. I can't hold a conversation if I am first meeting someone and constantly think someone somewhere is being annoyed because of me. I can sometimes get a little attention hoarding, but not in a terrible or bad way. It's more of a desperate way. If I like you, then I want you to at least show that you have an interest in being friends with me, and if you show lack of attention, then I will try to steal it back. That can sometimes backfire, though, because I am very insecure and have social anxiety, so I can easily misinterpret something you do or say. I easily get upset, and tear up even at the sign of someone starting to raise their voice or show they're upset with me.
So now that you know that, lets get on with the dream! ^-^

The dream is extremely vivid; one of the most memorable dreams I've ever had in my entire life. I can nearly remember each single detail. I hope you guys can help me out. (:
I know that in the beginning, I was in a black SUV. Loud, ear-piercing gunshots that sounded like they were right next to me broke the air and I suddenly felt covered in a cold sweat and fear lurching through my veins. The dream goes from first person point of view to a kind of third person, being that I could see myself now. It played out like a movie. My dream self was WAY different than how I really look, and as I remember now, it was actually my fantasy self. Long black hair with perfect volume to it, green eyes with a golden ring around the edges, perfect body, cream colored skin... Anyways, my dream self silently looks down at her hands covering her stomach, and lifts them to expose two dark red blotches rapidly growing in her midsection, the light pink blouse she was wearing drenched in rose colored blood. My dad rushes over and begins panicking as my dream self becomes unconscious, and right as she hits the ground the scene changed completely. Now I'm laying in a hospital bed and things are back at first person POV. I hear talking around me but my eyes are still closed. I remember feeling confused, groggy and nervous all at once. I hear the words, 'she's going to die soon, a year, if that,' and my confusion and nervousness shoot straight to horror and panic, and I open my eyes. But when I open them, I'm not looking at a white room, I'm looking at a stadium filled with empty chairs and a large ring smack in the center. WWE Superstars are lined around it. I remember seeing John Cena, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, The Big ShoW, The Undertaker and Kane, but no Seth Rollins. That's when I feel a hand on my arm. I look up and my excitement explodes through the roof as I see Seth grinning down at me, motioning to the ring with his head. We began walking, but it seemed as if we were walking in thick water because no matter how fast we were walking, we were moving at snails pace. I look up and see his brown eyes looking down at me, and I giggle like a schoolgirl.
"Thanks for this. I am dying, but this is a dream come true." I say, feeling sharp stings of pain as I mentioned my injuries.
"Anytime, doll. I wouldn't miss this day for the world." I smile and feel one thing that came as a shocker in any of my dreams, mostly because I've never felt it before: love. I felt loved for the first time in any of my dreams. I look forward again, but again, the scene changed. I was now in my grandparents house, but the Superstars were there too. I am laughing along like anybody, but turn to ask my dad a random question.
"Dad, how long have I been out of the hospital?"
"Three years."
I stood in shock when I heard it. I even realized in my dream: I was supposed to be dead. Nobody seemed to notice though, as they continued mingling and laughing like it was Christmas day.
"Charlie!" I hear Seth use my nickname that I use between friends in real life, and I turn to see him walking over. "I'm so sorry. I heard the news. God, I'm so sorry." He pulls me into a hug and I ask what he was sorry about in confusion.
"I heard... that you were going to die soon. I'm so sorry." He apologized again, still hugging me. I knew I wasn't going to die anytime soon. I was already supposed yo be dead. I wasn't going to die at all. But I did the worst thing possible.
"It's okay, Seth. I welcome death like it was a relative visiting." I lied. I flat out lied, as as soon as I did I felt a rush of guilt wash over me, more than I've ever felt in any of my real life. But I didn't want to lose his friendship. So I furthered the lie, feeling even worse when I closed my eyes and winced, putting my hand over the supposed wound, feeling his tears wet on my cheek. I open my eyes and you guessed it: the scene had changed again, though this time I was just in the bathroom. I lifted my shirt and took off my shorts, revealing that from the beginning of the dream where the two bullet wounds were in my stomach, one was now in my ribcage area and one on my upper thigh. The wound is angry red, and still looked fresh like it had just happened yesterday. Small pieces of tape that held down the bandage were sticking up, so I carefully took one between my fingers and pulled it up. As the air immediately hit the wound, I could feel intense stinging and burning, like it was actually real. I clenched my jaw and put the tape back down, still feeling the burning. I turn and look in the mirror, but instead of my fantasy-character, I see me. The real me. The everyday in the awakening world me, every detail vivid as if I were actually looking in a mirror. Actually, this entire part is extremely vivid, and I remember every detail.
Tears began running down my face as I break out in sobs, leaning against the sink. Waves of guilt basically threatened to drown me as I fell onto my knees and put my head against the wall, crossing my arms over my chest as I began to slightly rock back and forth.
"I'm so sorry, Seth. I'm so f*cking sorry. I didn't mean to do this to you, I didn't mean it. Please forgive me. Please fo-rgive me." My voice had cracked in the middle of the word forgive, but I continued talking. "You were always there for me when I needed it. You supported me. You trusted me, and I betrayed that trust. My biggest dream was to meet you and I when I did I felt okay for once. I felt like I was worth something. You made me feel happy; truly happy. Not this mask that I put in everyday." I stand up, now feeling surging anger through me. I see my fantasy self in the mirror again, and I clench my jaw and ball up my fists. "YOU! YOU RUINED ME! I CAN'T EVER FEEL THE SAME WITH YOU LIVING INSIDE ME. YOU'RE NOT REAL! YOU'RE EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO BE AND IT'S KILLING ME!" I feel angry tears streaming down my face as I glare down my reflection. "I JUST WANT TO FEEL OKAY AGAIN!" I scream the end, slamming my fist into the mirror and shattering it into a thousand pieces. Blood is now dripping from my hands as I sink onto my knees again, sobbing as I hear the door open.
"Cheyanne." I hear Seth use my real name; sincerity in his voice. He turns me around and holds me, my head against his shoulder as his arms wrapped around my body. "Sh, sh... it's okay. I understand. I understand..." The view is back to third person and my dream self is in Seth's arms, sobbing quietly. "No need to cry. You just wanted to be happy and I get that. But you didn't have to lie. I will still always be here for you, but I want to know for sure that everything between us stays true, okay?" He looks down at my face and raises his eyebrows in question, in which I nod but don't say a word.
This is when the vividness dies down and I hardly remember the rest of the dream.
Now, I know it's extremely long and full of detail, but I swear it's what I remember. It was one of my most vivid dreams I've ever had, though I wasn't lucid because I couldn't control anything. What do you guys think? Was it my inner conscious surfacing how I really feel about myself? Was it my love for Seth? I have no clue, and I really need your guy's help.
Please and thank you very much!!!