So initially it is a little foggy. I will try gather it as best as I can.

So it is about this girl that I used to be in the same class as, in middle and high school. I have history with this female, of course. Yes it is one of those corny stories.
Let's just say that in middle school I was not very fond of this girl. I found her very controlling, and distinctively I just didn't like her. The girl kept seeking my friendship for the next two years, as we entered the final stage
of high school, one spontaneous night, I wrote to her, after I learned that she had issues with her parents. (They were/are divorced, which mine also are, and have been since I was two years old)
I wrote to her on Facebook, and told her to cheer up, why? I simply have no idea, intuitive it seemed as the right thing, as I have been bullied on and off in my childhood, and I developed a need to comfort or protect others.
Bare in mind at this point when I messaged her, I still didn't like her, yet I wrote to her. I wrote that it would all be okay, and my parents after their divorce didn't speak with each other for a long time, which was normal.

Next day my teacher told me, that it was a noble deed I had done. I was baffled, as I did not know what she meant. She told me, that this girl had told our teacher about it.
For the story sake I am going to call the girl Sarah, so it will be more easily read. So let's proceed, I was rather baffled as stated previously. I told her it was not my conscious thought to comfort her, merely instinctively.
At this point forward I slowly started to like this girl (yes very dramatic and movie like). We soon became good friends throughout that year, and I of course developed feelings for her.
Because of her, I started doing a lot of cardiovascular activities such as running, which I did to impress her. At the time I was a pretty build kid, but I hated sports, which changed because of her.

On this point forward the story becomes more complicated and rather complex. You see these feelings at first was mutual I believe, as she one day said she loved me. And in December of 08' a couple of days before I had to go on vacation to South America, Chile,
we had a moment just outside the class, and we nearly kissed, but the action was cancelled by our teacher approaching us. I told her I wanted to say goodbye the next morning, but she denied me the pleasure of that, because
she thought she might cry (yes very dramatic, and going through this story is rather painful and embarrassing for me.)
I wrote her a letter, and placed it her in locker and traveled to Chile, where I was for 3 weeks. When I returned things got complicated. Suddenly the emotions was not mutual anymore, and I was confused. We still talked everyday
but the hand holding and embracing was non existing. I still kept going over that scenario with the kiss, but I never dared to ask her. My best friend at the time, which we are gonna call Jake, said that she was a bitch
and a slut. I told him he shouldn't say such verbal remarks about her, he then proceeded to tell me that the way she acted was wrong, I agreed with him of course. The first week after my return was a bumpy ride of emotions, fast
forwarding approximately 3 months I decided to say, that I liked her. This was previously not a need to say to her, but suddenly was now, due to her behavioral pattern had changed.

When I told her, all hell broke loose. She started me deep in the eyes, and left without saying anything. She ignored me for the next many weeks, and I was very sadden by this event. Finally she told me that she wanted to just be friends
and she hoped that mine was mutal. (Which it was not of course)

I felt poorly treated and soon after my return I started weightlifting to let the steam out metaphorically speaking. I tried to suppress these feelings, which I succeeded with to some extent. I could get very jealous but I could't really show that.
So I took my bad mood with me home, and my dear mother was rather confused with me. Soon I realized, that she too could jealous, which confused me, as she clearly stated she just wanted to be friends.

These events was re-occurring, and I was very confused. Let's fast forward again, at this point the year has soon come to an end, there is about three months left of school, and soon we will enter the final year of high school.
One day my best friend Jake suddenly was talking her despite all the things he had said about her. I saw them laughing and walking together, and I was filled with jealousy and anger of course, which is a pre-determined
action. I got so mad that I refused to talk to him for 3. Same goes for her. My relationship abruptly crashed with both Sarah and Jake. I was so mad and filled with anger to my very core, that
I had only one goal on my mind. I wanted to leave that school, and never see them again. I was mad and unhappy because mainly Sarah, as I felt betrayed and still confused about her, as her mutual jealousy didn't exactly
clear things up. Throughout the last year of high school I rapidly increased my time with sports, mainly running and weightlifting. Throughout that year it was pretty clear to me, that Sarah and I, was never gonna talk with each other again.
We have this tradition in my city, that all those graduating from high school goes to this public place, and drink alcohol, and get rather drunk. After approximately five hours the event ended, and we were suppose to go to this party at night.

As I walked out I stumbled into her, and she told me that she wanted a hug, so I gave her a hug, and told her I would see her later. At this point I have never experienced such a weird feeling as right there. I felt both happy
and sad at the same time, but most of all I was very confused. I can't go into details about that night, due to the fact, that large amount of alcohol was consumed so I don't really remember anything.

Fast forwarding again. I proceeded to take 10th grade, which is optional here in Denmark. She went to college. So I didn't see her for the next two years, which was good, it mended me. But then these weird dreams began.
There are no patterns, they are random and happens at times. I will proceed to talk about them once I have finished the rest of this story.

After 10th grade I haven't seen her for at least a year. I enrolled in the same college as her, and funnily enough she became my tutor, which was normal for the newly enrolled, if they have any questions. As you might think
it was very embarrassing, I simply said hi, and did this weird handshake with her, why I do not know why. I didn't talk with her for the next 2 and a half month. Then the first school party came. I was a first year'er she was second.
It was a great neon party. Approaching midnight I was rather drunk and talking with someone, suddenly someone approaches me from behind, and put their hand against my lower back, and let it slide across it. I am mildly shocked as I turn
and see her. At this point I get even more shocked, she proceeds to walk on, as it was all done in a motion. This. Ruined. My. Night. I was so confused about what this meant, and even more confused about why.

After this little incident things got worse for me again. And I decided to drop out. A rather impulsive action, yes. What was even more impulsive is the fact that I signed a contract with the army, with one goal,
Afghanistan. I was fed up with anger and couldn't explain why. I cancelled my contract in the very last minute. With all this time doing absolutely nothing I got consumed with economics and politics. I enrolled in college again, a different one
at that matter. I was a changed person after 8 months of doing absolutely nothing. I didn't shed her a single thought, only when I dream these dreams about her. Which still happened at times.

At this point in my life I am merely curious why this happens, I might still feel something for her, which is rather sad in my opinion. I am told I use sarcasm to escape certain situations, which you might
be able to distinctively point out, which I am of course sorry for.

So now to the dream. I dream that I was in my local gym and I met her. She was rather sad, and I asked her, if her boyfriend had hit her. Suddenly the scenario changed and we were sitting somewhere more private in the gym.
She cried against my shoulder, and I asked her again, if he had hit her. She indirectly answered yes. (I of course do not know of he actual hits her, I don't think so, he seems like a fine young man, with many ambitions.)
I told her, that she needed to tell me, if he ever did it again, or something similar. I hugged her, and then the dream switched again. This time she was smiling and I awoke, with a jump, and I literally mean with a jump.
I was shaking and I was cold in sweat. Now this didn't feel like a nightmare, I enjoyed this dream very much. I felt a strange peace.
When I awoke I was sad for some time. I sat down trying to comprehend what I had just dream, and why I was feeling so sad.

Seems like she is haunting me, and karma is karma.

As far as I can understand, I feel protective of her still. I hoped with the detailed background story, that you guys might give me a more in-depth theory.

Whenever I do dream about her, I think about her for a couple of days, and check up on her right after wakening on Facebook (very stalkish yes.)

Although this time is different because this time I felt sad, previously it has always been curiosity.