Hello everyone. To start off with here are personal details that may help interpreters. I am a Gemini born on 6/18/1996. I am a virgin. I've had only girlfriend who I truly believed I was in love with. I did anything for her, said anything, felt anything. There were no boundaries. I am loyal to the death of me, be it my friends or family. I am a quite and paranoid person. I think about everything and then some more. I am not afraid of death because it is obvious that death brings life. (My dreams will be in parenthesis)

A few months ago I was introduced to a girl via facebook by one of my friends. As imaginative as I am, I began thinking about what could be and what not. The girl and I really hit it off, we have a lot in common and share morals and ideas. I was eager to meet her and so was she, at least that is what she told me. After many "missed chances" of going on a date or meeting her because she was busy, we finally meet. I picked her up from school one day and we talked. She lived very close to the school but the ride was long because we were sitting in traffic. She invites me inside her house but I like to take things slow and declined. Anyways at this point we talked everyday almost every hour. She kept dodging our dates we would make and our plans, claiming that she was just busy. I was preparing to tell her to give me the real deal you know? Are you fucking with me? Do you actually like me like you say you do? I've had a total of 3 dreams about her. Before telling her to be upfront I had this dream.

( It was night time. The atmosphere felt heavy and grogy. I am at my house in my front lawn right by a tool shed. Sitting on my red colored picnic table are 6 people. 5 guys and 1 girl. I didint recognized the other 5 but one of the guys was my friend who introduced me to the girl. Sitting next to him was the girl. The girl was seated as far away as possible as she could have been from me. she was on the far left side on the first seat. the table was perpendicular to me and I stood at a 90 degree angle from it. I felt really sad seeing her with that many guys and firlting and having a good time. I just stared at her hopelessly. Eventually she looks at me with a worried look on her face that is all I remember of that dream).

Once I told her to be upfront She told me "I thought you knew what kind of girl I was?". I wasn't as hurt because I had my suspicions but she really played it well by having her friend (the guy who set me up with her) tell me she was a good girl and that we were just alike. I dumped that friend btw before telling her to be upfront. I cut off communication with her right after she told me that I told her I was sorry. She said she really wanted to know why I was sorry. She wouldn't have understood so I left her with no reply. 2 months later I still think about her sometimes. So I say what the hell? I send her a message saying I miss talking to you. She says I confuse her and that I'm behind on talking to her. She is still playing games so I left her unanswered again. I regularly lift weights and one day after I finished training I began thinking about her. My imagination went to work and I pictured myself meeting her mom and flirting with her to upset her daughter, that night I dream of this.

( I was driving along a highway. I was in a flashy car wearing flashy clothing. It was daytime. In the car with me was the girls mother in the front seat, and the girl in the back. I felt older and like a husband who was used to being nagged. The girl in the back was bitter and complaining about something I'm not sure what. Her mother was in the front trying to give me directions and help us get to where ever it was we were going. I told her "I am not familiar with these roads, hwy ** and hwy **, now those I'm familiar with". that is all I remember)

Now that I dont talk to her once more I still have her as a friend on snapchat, so ever so often I'll view her story and she will do the same and view mine. Last night I had an Incredible dream.

( I began to dream about a girl. This girl was very beautiful from her facial structure to her body. She resembled the girl who made a fool of me, except I had a feeling it wasnt her because it was her but only much more better. I arrive at a house. It is nightime. I walk in and I'm greeted by an old man. He tells me he is related to the girl inside another room within the house. Weird I thought, I had prior knowledge of their being a beauty in the house. It was as if I could feel her. I went to the room she was in and looked in, she looked so peaceful as she was going about her business then she looks at me, I was inexplicably dazzled we stared at each other for quite some time then she went back to doing what she was doing. persistently, I hung around in the living room with the old man. Then she came out. When I realized she had came out I glanced down at the mattress the old man was sitting on. The old man is gone now. She is looking at my feet. I have fungi on one of my toenails and I feel that she will be disinterested, but surprisingly she acts as if nothing and then stands up and walks into another room. In the next room she speaks to me and says "My friends are in trouble, can you help us?". "Of course", I told her. We set out to find her friends. Her friends turn out to be someone she knew, and the other was my mentally retarded brother. The vehicle had broken down. It was a strange rectangular vehicle very large in size. We agree that we should push it home. I wasn't sure who's home so I just start pushing along with the others. Once it starts rolling I say "wait! Someone needs to steer". So I run up to the drivers side and stick half my body in through the window to steer suddenly I feel as though I am turning at a fast speed in 360 degrees, it was unlike anything I have felt before. I obtained control of the wheel and we end up back at the girls house that we were at before. Now that we are there the girl of my dreams becomes mad at me and leaves. No, I thought now I will never see her again. I felt completely certain that was the last of her I will ever see. I move to the porch area of the house and there I meet with two friends of the past. One great, the other not so great he was merely an associate. I begin talking to the one good friend catching up and what not, and then out of the blue comes the girl from inside the house. She starts filrting with the other friend and I feel really jealous. I mean I could feel it surge through me! Baah whatever I'll keep talking to my friend I thought. As we were deep in story telling I notice that I've been locking eyes with the girl for who knows how long. Eventually my friend says to me "are you even listening?". "Of course" I told him. "Well your looking at her!" she who was standing next to him. As he said I was looking at her she smile soo beautifully it was revitalizing. What happens next is a blur. Eventually I meet with the old man again who ran outside to give me bad news. He tells me "she has left". I felt tragically devastated. I move on right outside the garage area of the house. Now I am with two of my brothers. One of them we had helped before. "I am helpless, now what am I going to do?!" I said out loud with my brothers next to me. One of my brothers says to me, "Dont worry she left before and she came back, she will be back.." then I woke up)

My questions are: Was the girl in my dream my soul mate? or Is the girl who played me my soul mate? Does anyone have any advice for me?
Thank you all.