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      God - Dream

      So i had this one dream a while ago and i just want to see if any interpreters can interpret it

      I woke up in a room laying on a couch - out of no where my whole entire body froze - some weird feeling struct through my whole body i was completely frozen and something invisible got my head and placed it facing down off the couch with the rest of my body laying on the couch.

      A women walks up to me and grasp my ears - and then she whispers something into me speaking some language mankind has never heard - while she whispered it into my head i couldnt hear any thing except noise with voice in the background and everything paused and i heard her say " GOD " and then my body was no longer frozen i was able to move - i instantly got up and said what did you say , what did you say????? - She looked at me and almost looked like she was about to cry and said i cant tell you she walks into another room where her mom was i greeted her sat down got up and told the women to follow me but she didnt and i woke up

      Any thoughts?

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      Greetings TheMysteryDream,

      This dream very simply is about freedom. G-d will bring you freedom if you pray to Him.


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      What you described there about falling on your face, that's an accurate description of how humans respond when it comes to meeting with an angel of God. Demons however when they do that to humans, they fall backwards and not face forward.

      I think you spoke to an actual angel in your dream as to how the bible predicts and explains that phenomena. And the angel kept it simple for you: God. Ignore the language, but they kept it simple for you, because in reality, that's kind of all there is.

      But yeah, what the above poster said, keep it simple. God wants a relationship with you, he wants to communicate with you and speak to you. he's reaching out to you cuz whatever that angel said to you, God will keep it simple and help you to come and understand what he wants you to do. It's not that hard at all. God keeps it very simple.


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