So, this dream, I think I was talking online somewhere, when I discover that someone owns some business around here where I live, and for some reason, he looks like Vampiro. Not exactly like him, but a lot of similarities. Well I gotta go there, and check out this jackass in person!

Vampiro: http colon //

So next thing I know, BAM! I'm there. Screw travel, right? I just exist there all of a sudden, and I'm talking to the guy while browsing his shop. Small talk, really. I remember thinking he's not as much of a tool as I thought, he's a nice enough guy. And then I look out the window, and there's a guy across the street just manhandling this girl, he's got her against the wall and he's grabbing at her, ripping at her clothes, she's all crying. So, you know, I start banging against the windows, I start yelling and trying to call attention to it, just as he rips her little black minidress off of her. Like, he rips it off like a vacuum cleaner. And as they start to notice, and as all the people in the shop start to notice(the place was empty except for the Vampiro guy, and his two employees), I just notice that she smirks, she's corpsing in the middle of what is obviously a game for them. It's right when I notice this that they notice me and the people in the store notice them. And now here they are, she's basically naked, standing like Venus in that painting. You know, with her arms strategically placed, they both look pretty annoyed.

What corpsing is: http colon //

So I look back at the people, with Vampiro sitting at his desk, and the two other guys standing over it and on either side of him. (They had been looking at blueprints, or something like that. Something business related.) So now they're arguing with each other about the couple outside. I look back over, and now the couple are being arrested for indecent exposure.

And then I wake up. I don't even know what the hell. I don't know why things are so simplistic in dreams. In my dreams, anyway. There are like so many plot holes. If that had been a movie, it would have sucked balls. Dreams are stupid, Morpheus should get fired. What a douche.

Anyway, anyone know what that one was all about?

PS: Oh yeah, I remember that the scene across the street, before I broke it up, was hot as hell. I was a total cockblocker, and I specifically remember feeling like a dick.