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      Need a patient good interpreter (lots of info)

      Since just before Christmas I have been having all sorts of crazy apocalyptic type dreams. Its a bit confusing because I feel more of a spectator than a participant in many of these dreams and I swear there are hardly any actual conversations in them.

      Everyone one of them has a main focus - escape /evacuation of some sort I am always trying to get away from something.

      All I know is I have no fear of anything in my way (I jumped off the biggest wooden plank in the middle of the ocean without hesitation and it felt amazing eventhough I was being chased by something, the ocean felt comforting. I was also holding hands with a friend while jumping off) another example of the no fear things is I am jumping off tree's knowing I can't die but I land safely and my stomach does that dropping feeling. But I do it over and over again knowing I can get away faster.

      I am also trying to get from country to country. I never remember which ones but again the reason why is because theres something big going on beyond (what feels like) my control.

      (when I am not dreaming) I think about the world regularly and where it is headed and it makes me feel angry about all the things going down. I am not obsessed with conspiracys but I do believe in some of them and I think it plays a big role in my dreams.

      The biggest themes in my dreams are ocean/Industrial coasts/ trains /train tracks/ boats/celebrities/tall trees /a familiar mansions with many rooms/ student accomadation type setting on boat/rivers/floods/Tall buildings (sometimes their more like ruins)

      The water is mostly big but calm except once, where the water was so deep starting from the beach it was a terrifying thought as it was soo dark like the unknown and then a red massive random triangle appeared glowing with a yellow orange tint in the ocean (it was huge) as I was on top of a building quite far up. Then I ran, I just knew I had too( although I know I am never alone) I can never really remember people being there with me but I don't feel alone. Its strange.

      Whenever the ocean makes an appearing I am nearly always on some industrial site / something thats either being built or has been left abandoned and I am making my way round or along the coast of it.

      I dream about trains and traintracks frequently I am mainly walking on train tracks through tunnels and again industrial estates. I have never been hit by a train but I think I have taken the wrong one a couple of times once to a strange icy blue courtyard at moonlight and stars and once to France.

      I was once on a student accomadation type boat (I am a uni student yes) and we all had to pick a room and choose one to live in for three months. Then I seen Rihanna in a car/boat thing in a red dress and she came up to the boat and we were all hanging on to the outside to try and speak to her and she ignored me and I remember being pissed off but later I accidentally ended up in the same place as her and I met her again and we chilled for ages together.

      I also seen asap Rocky (don't particularly like him that much) but he came onto me but I rejected him. Then I had a dream about Miley cyrus (it gets weirder) I drove past her performing at a lonely english country pub to nobody and I decided to have a look. By the time I cam back she was surrounded by thausands of people but we somehow ended up together and she talked to me about 'the showbiz life' and how it really was, she seemed sad and desparate this actually changed my mind about her in real life. (this is weird since I am in this industry)

      I also seen phill Collins and I was stoked after skipping high school (which posed as uni for some reason) becaus nobody told me we had homework for the first day of term and it was a big deal so I decided to leave and went to and ice cream place where Phil Collins appeared behind me and the police drove past and the guy told me to get out because he could get in trouble for me skiiving there.

      Then I seen mixture of Justin Bieber and aasap rocky (this is the part that is really weird) and he was talking to me about how I had seen all these celebrities in my dreams and I was like Wtf.

      I also frequently jump off tall trees I climb then jump feom tree to tree. Explanation?

      I have also visited the same mansion a few times in dreams the first memory being a couple of years ago the rooms feel so familiar. And we once had to choose a room but before I could inspect them all to see which one I wanted they where all gone.

      I once also watched a girl slowly walk through water in bright white sneakers and you could see them wading through. (just random)

      This has been going on for a long time please somebody try amd onterpret some of this!?

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      You seem to remember many of your dreams, this may have to do with :

      (when I am not dreaming) I think about the world regularly and where it is headed and it makes me feel angry about all the things going down. I am not obsessed with conspiracys but I do believe in some of them and I think it plays a big role in my dreams.
      Thinking about things that you most likely will never have a say in.

      But other then that, i 'm not sure what your question is, dreams are always a little weird and i did not notice something specific coming back.
      If anything all i can say is try to relax a bit more.

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      I would agree - it all sounds like pretty typical dream stuff to me. Celebrities, trains and tunnels, oceans, mansions…

      Jumping from tree to tree is also very normal dream stuff. That's one of my favorite things about dreams, the crazy ways we get around in some of them. Some of my personal favorites include standing on a street and holding my hands out in front of me like I'm holding an invisible towrope for waterskiing, and suddenly I'm being pulled forward fast enough to keep up with cars on the highway, ad I can steer myself however I want. Or the time I was sitting in a swing and reached up with both hands and unhooked the chains but was able to hold myself up somehow, and by pulling up I could fly around and steer by pulling harder on the left or right chain. Fun stuff! I've also done the jumping from tree to tree thing, and then I had a super long pole for pole vaulting but for some reason I could only put it down on treestumps, and each time I pushed off I'd sail like a hundred feet through the air.

      When the guy talked to you about the fact that you were dreaming, you may have been very close to becoming lucid. Often that happens when a dream character tells you you're in a dream (though all too often they tell you that but it fails to raise your awareness and you have to laugh when you wake up and realize what a perfect clue you missed).

      One thing I noticed but I don't know if it has any significance (because you were never riding in a train) - trains could represent modes of conveyance where there is no control - they're already pre-set and run on a track. Its pretty common for students to dream about not being in control of their lives - because they aren't, and by late high school or college age they're starting to get irritated about it and thinking about the future when they will be free to make their own choices but also have to bear full responsibility for that.

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