Hi, so last night, my dream was really vivid, more vivid than all my other dreams, usually I wake up and I cannot remember it all, just patches which are usually blurry. But this dream I can remember it all, and very, very clearly.
So heres the dream:
There was a huge house party, but the people there were all my relatives, they were all in this house, drinking and having fun.
I was in the house next door, which was so clean, perfectly white, to a point where it was shining, and I was crying gently looking out the window at the other house where the party was. Then a man, came and took me away from the window, he was very vivid, his eyes were golden, and his cheeks a little sunken, he was tall, a lot older than me. I refused to move, so he slapped me, and I just resigned and followed him out the house, which was still all perfectly white.
He chose an outfit for me, which again was off white, and led me out.
Everywhere outside was dark, and grey, apart from the party house.
I was holding his hand, and we were walking to the car, when he slammed me against the wall, and began hitting me again, cursing and hitting, me, at this point I realised we were married.
Someone, my mum and her best friend saw this from the house party, and started shouting at him, but I defended him, and said it was all my fault. He then tried to leave, but I begged him not to, and made him promise that he wouldn't hit me again, and all seemed okay.

We went into the house party, and everyone was cursing and hating on him, so I led him up the stairs away from them all, but the stairs were never ending it seemed, and were spiralling, I kept hanging back on his hand and repeating 'theres a big drop isn't there...a very big drop...' and I sounded genuinely terrified. He just smiled, and for some reason I noticed my arms were black with bruising, and when we reached the room up stairs, he smiled, and snatched me into his arms, though now I was completely bruised.

Im not sure if any of you have any ideas what this could/would mean, or if theres any clues within there, Ive looked in the dictionary, but struggled to make any sense of it.

Thank you if you do have any ideas!!
Love M x